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Ancient Technology
Brings “Dead” Man To “Life”





The secret “Mysteries” of the Ancient Egyptians Gods had to do with worship of a dead man named Nimrod, who had earlier been executed. He became a culture hero and was deified by the priests. There were ceremonies in these Mysteries that were designed to scare the worshippers –after which “Nimrod” (under the title of Osiris, was introduced, to soothe them… so that they would come to revere, or love him.


In these Mysteries, under the seal of secrecy and the sanction of an oath, and by means of all the fertile resources of magic, men were gradually led back to all the idolatry that had been publicly suppressed at the time Nimrod was executed. And new features were added to that idolatry that made it still more brazenly daring than before. Magic and idolatry were twin sisters, and came into the world together.


Everything was so contrived as to wind up the minds of the novices to the highest pitch of excitement, so that after they had surrendered themselves implicitly to the priests, they would be prepared to receive anything.


After the candidates for initiation had passed through the confessional, and sworn the required oaths, strange and amazing objects presented themselves. Sometimes the place they were in seemed to shake around them. Sometimes it appeared bright and resplendent with light and radiant fire, and then again covered with black darkness, Sometimes there was thunder and lightning; sometimes frightful noises and bellowings; and sometimes terrible apparitions astonished the trembling spectators.


Then, at last, the great god, the central object of their worship, Osiris (Nimrod) was revealed to them in the way most fitted to soothe their feelings and engage their blind affections.


25   Amazing ancient technology


There was seen on the wall of the temple a mass of light, which appeared at first at a very great distance.


In the words of one who described what was seen:


“It [the light] is transformed, while unfolding itself, into a visage evidently divine and supernatural, of an aspect severe, but with a touch of sweetness. Following the teachings of a mysterious religion, the Alexandrians honour it as Osiris.”


The method the priests employed is known as “phantasmagoria” and was produced by a type of projector. The projector was arranged to be moved toward and from the screen (as is done with television cameras today), while at the same time it was kept in focus. The optical effect was that the figures on a screen appeared to dwindle into the distance, or to rush toward the observer with enormous increase of size!


In the hands of crafty, scheming men, this was a powerful means of imposing upon those who were willing to be imposed upon, and who still hankered for the forbidden religious system that had been put down.


Those who controlled the Mysteries had access to technological secrets that were then unknown to the mass of mankind. It was in their interests to carefully preserve these to their own exclusive keeping. By such means it was then easy to give the  worshippers a visible demonstration that Osiris (Nimrod) who had been slain, and for whom they had mourned, was STILL ALIVE, and bathed in divine and heavenly glory!


The lips of some unseen priest, speaking in his name from behind the scenes, gave the impression that Nimrod was speaking.  From the lips of such a powerful god, what teachings could the people not be led to believe, incredible though some of them were!


Thus the whole system of the sacred mysteries was intended to glorify a dead man. And once the worship of one dead man was established, the worship of many more was sure to follow.

Jonathan Gray



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