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1. The World’s Most Outrageous Biblical Lawsuit

2. Satellite Confirms Red Sea Crossing And Mt. Sinai

3. Does A Giant Race Still Exist In The Solomon Islands?

4. Have The Ten Commandments Been Found?

5. How to Save Petrol – An Ancient Secret?

6. Mystery Micro Artefacts Startle Modern Scientists

7. The Man Who Turned To Glass

8. Ancient Technology Brings “Dead” Man To “Life”

9. Were We On The Moon In 2309 BC?



Questions and Answers

Deserts from nuclear war?

Former civilizations in Antarctica, Greenland

Ancient underground tunnels

Ancient micro technology

World maps before “Discoverers” came!

Pre aboriginal paintings in Australia

Tut’s gold from Australia?
And many more questions being added here



Reader Comment

Indian towers that sway in unison

Latvia and the Celts

Ancient recipes for concrete

Pharaohs’ names are really curses!

Which dentist would you choose?

“Evolution” = “decline of civilization”

Plant that softens stones

Ancient tunnel cut from both ends

Inducing weightlessness

Amazon jungle expedition?
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