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International explorer, archaeologist

and author, Jonathan has traveled

the world to gather data on ancient

mysteries. He has penetrated some

largely unexplored areas, including

parts of the Amazon headwaters.

The author has also led expeditions

to the bottom of the sea and to

remote mountain and desert regions

of the world. He lectures internationally.

Dear Internet Friend,

WARNING! This may be the second most important letter

you'll ever read.

In a moment I hope to make you so angry you'll want to throw

your computer right out the window.

What I have to tell you involves the scandal that's going on in

the scientific world today. It's a scandal that - if you are like

most people I know - is cheating you of your ancestry and

robbing you of many serious benefits you should be getting

from existing scientific knowledge.

You have probably been cheated - with misinformation -

many times this year without you ever knowing!

Remains deliberately destroyed in Texas... certain discovery

sites banned to researchers who ask embarrassing questions...

an archaeologist ordered to deny a major discovery...

In just a moment you will discover secrets from our past and

PRESENT that will blow your mind…

You're going to see the world around you in a new light that

uninformed people everywhere are constantly missing.

And some puzzles about the past will start making sense:

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Up-to-the-minute research has exposed 4 TICKING BOMBS



You need to know about these:


1.    The Discovery That’s Toppling Evolution


2.    UFO Aliens: The Deadly Secret


3.    Stolen Identitythe scandal about 2 big

names…one of whom is Jesus Christ

4.    The Da Vinci Code Hoaxand the

secret that men will kill to protect




Ticking Bomb #1:




Did you know that

·     our scientific thought guardians have rewritten history

        to present a one-sided account of our origins?

·     the scientific elite has suppressed knowledge about

        fossils, biology and dating systems that, if known,

        would destroy evolution?

·    the scientific Establishment has tolerated fraud

        and employed horrific methods to keep this knowledge


·    science textbooks have been promoted by men who

        possessed a political agenda… to solidify their own

        power base?


You are about to discover skeletons in locked cupboards,

bones in forbidden places and secrets hidden under the carpet.


And you won’t believe the immensity of this



In pursuing this scandal, I also stumbled

upon a number of fascinating trivialities, such as



*   Did you hear that in West Virginia, coal miners a
mile below ground
came upon an air pocket containing
coalified human bodies – in “200 million year old”
oal? And that soon after, the spot was permanently


*   Were you aware that your body has 100 trillion
walled cells? And that each single cell is as
complicated as
New York City, with energy generators,
transport systems, waste disposal systems, structural
designers, invasion guards, food factories, protective
barriers and communication links – all crammed into

a space less than a thousandth of an inch long.


*   And how about this? Good grade black coal has
been produced at the Argonne National Laboratories
Illinois from simple heating of wood in only 28 days.


*   Have you heard about those clever European
spiders that construct houses under the sea? Not
only do those tiny creatures link the separate houses
with a waterproof tunnel, but then they go back and
forth to the surface, until they have filled the underwater
houses with air. 


*   Did you know that in Antelope Springs, Utah, in 1968,
William Meister uncovered a trilobite in the heel of a
sandal print in ‘440 year old’ Cambrian rock?


*   Were you aware that inside every cell of your body,
microscopic-sized machines assemble new machines?
And they interact with other machines to accomplish
pecific jobs which require great intelligence. Although
each machine is never taught – because it has not a
nerve cell or a brain in its body
- it knows exactly what
to do.


*  Did you hear what happened in Glen Rose, Texas,
August 13, 1989? Faced with 70 human footprints
criss-crossing 478 dinosaur tracks, two men with an
iron bar,
tried to destroy the evidence.


*   And catch this! With no glue or suction mechanism,
geckos can walk upside down across ceilings. And how
do they do it? They use atomic forces – attraction
between atoms! Microscopic hairs on their toes directly
attach to molecules in the walking surface.


*   Have you heard? “65 million year old” dinosaurs
xamined in 1990 at
Montana State University had not
yet completely fossilized and they contained red blood
that cannot survive more than a few thousand years.


*   DNA code comes in intelligently designed “sentences”
identical to human language in well-written
“instruction books”.


*   And did you know that numerous scientists
systematically FALSIFY DATES of ancient remains?


*   Surprise! In El Boqueron, Colombia in 1971, Professor
Henero Henao Marin exposed a 65-foot skeleton of a
dinosaur next to a human skull? 


*   Archaeoraptor” (a creature with the body of a bird and
the tail of a small dinosaur) “discovered” in
China in 1999
was announced as “important” evidence of evolution. After
it sold for $51,000 it was found to be a fraud fossil
stuck together from parts of unrelated creatures.


*   And you’d better believe it! Mathematicians assure us
that our existence on earth is so unlikely, it’s as though
we had won a million-dollar lottery a million times in a row.


Could this be why Soren Lovtrup, Professor of Embryology,
University of Umea, Sweden, stated: “I believe that one day
the Darwinian myth will be ranked the greatest deceit in the
history of science. When this happens, many people will

pose the question: how did this ever happen?”


Do you know who said this?: “Evolution [is] a fairy tale written
by Homo idiotus and believed by Homo credulous”? (Time
Australia, April 4, 1994, p.10)


Think carefully, now. Can you truly answer these?:

*   Have men seen living dinosaurs?

*   How does new information evolve?

*   Why is inter-dependence among living species

    a threat to evolution theory?

(Among many plants – insects – birds – animals - are

countless examples of complex, inter-locked cycles

that could not exist without each other.:
PUZZLE: How did these independently evolve at the same

precise moment to avoid extinction?) 




Ticking Bomb #2:  



Numerous polls (Gallup, Roper, PBS/Nova) claim that up to

20 million Americans have seen a UFO. And shockingly,

more than 4 million even claim to have been physically

abducted by “space beings”.


The ET Epidemic


In fact, investigators everywhere are coming right out and
calling this an epidemic.


Are governments really covering up hard core

evidence of “other world” visitors? Or is there some

other explanation? 

Even if 90 to 95 percent of sightings are mistakenly
identified, even if only 5 to 10 percent have any
substance it seems evident that something mysterious,
quite real and very serious is going on.

So, what are these UFOs, and
where are their occupants from?


From other planets? …from inside the earth?
…or where?  


An enraged engineer vows revenge. Under hypnosis,

his wife claims to have been abducted and sexually

abused by an extraterrestrial. Roland Brown will not

rest until he gets answers. Who are these aliens? Why

did they  claim his wife Angie belonged to them? What

is their plan? How can he stop them?


Are aliens really visiting us? Did they really bring

civilization to Planet Earth?


And can you answer these:


*   What about CRASHED UFOs and

*   Why the hoaxes, lies and secrecy?

*   Who are the sinister Legion of Lucifer?

*   Are ETs linked to the occult?

*   What about Enki and the Sumeria



Would you like to discover:


*   SEVEN FATEFUL WORDS predicted to doom the  

     Europe Union?




Also learn about:


*   The visiting MESSENGERS appearing to

     people, and bringing  amazing power





And some peripheral topics to sink your teeth into:


·    What is the truth about the lost city of Atlantis?


·   How was Babylon – city of 1 million people and with

             sufficient food to last 20 years – captured without a fight!


·   Why did Alexander the Great scrape a ghost town

         into the sea?


And what about the 716 rythmically pulsating “electric discs

(similar to computer discs) found in caves in the Bayan-Kara-
mountains of


·   How did a drowned Egyptian army get scattered

the floor of the Red Sea?

·   Was God an astronaut?

·   What sinister link connects séance spirits with “space


·   Roswell, USA: What about the report of a crashed flying

Saucer and dead alien bodies?

·   Does it really take a mere minute to form a crop circle?

·   UFOs: Can they really change shape? Dematerialize?
  merge into one?

·   Which group of people is exempt from alien


·  Is it possible to slip into another dimension of


·  Discover a surprisingly different Bible code

        that defies the world’s cleverest men!

·   How do alien entities use sex to control humans?

·   What causes crop circles?

·   Are there really reptilians?

·   Why are UFO aliens obsessed with the Bible?

·   What ancient prophecy overthrew Saddam

        Hussein’s ambitions?

·  Oh yes, and did you know that the predictions

        of 25 top psychics proved 92 percent wrong?

·   Can we really communicate with the dead?

·   Do the Dead Sea Scrolls prove the Bible to be

        a collection  of forged documents?

·   Who were the “sons of God” who married the

        daughters of men”?

·   Are there really guardian angels?

·   Does an ancient document really contain coded

        information that no human could construct?


But first, let’s catch some of these fascinating

surprises uncovered during my investigations:


*   Did you know that World War II planes grounded in Greenland

in 1942 got overgrown by 263 feet of ice in 48 years!


*   Or that the mighty city of Jericho covered less than 8 acres. You could easily walk around it in 30 minutes.


*   King Farouk, Egypt's last reigning monarch (1920-1965) was not Egyptian but Albanian.


*   Alien photos sold to TV stations by Swiss UFO “contacteeBilly Meier turned out to be small models suspended from strings.


*   The Horseshoe Falls of Niagara cut back 3.8 feet  further into the rock every year.


*   Encyclopaedia Brittanica editors sent an existing article to a history professor for possible revision. When he replied that it was “badly disorganized and full of errors”, they checked and

were flabbergasted to discover that it had been written by the professor himself – so many years earlier that he had forgotten it.


*   Did you know that a tree can grow more than 2 rings a year? And the opposite sides of a tree can exhibit different numbers of rings.


*   The well-known battleship Oregon, flagship of the US navy, was designed by Scottish architect George Dickie from specifications for Noah’s Ark taken out of the ancient book of Genesis.


*   The burning of the famous library of Alexandria supplied the Arabs with fuel for 6 months.


*   The grieving mother of a US soldier reported “killed” in Vietnam attended a séance, where she and her dead son hugged, kissed and conversed lovingly. Some time later, she answered a knock on the door and there was her son, very much alive, rescued from the Viet Cong. So how could the impersonator at the séance resemble her lost son in every detail - and also know the family secrets?


*   For centuries Massorite copyists of Hebrew Bible

manuscripts were so fastidious that in order that not one letter or part of a letter be lost, they carefully calculated the middle word and letter of each book, as well as the number of times each letter of the alphabet occurred in each book.


*   A million Americans claim to have been subjected to bodily examination and even sexual assault aboard alien spacecraft.


*   The descendants of the ancient Egyptians (the Copts) are today outnumbered 23 to one by the Arabs, who rule Egypt.


*   Babylon’s public buildings were faced with bricks in

different colors - walls yellow; gates sky blue; palaces rose red; temples white.


*   Although the Bible was written over 1,600 years by 40

different authors from widely different occupations and

cultures, on varied, controversial subjects, yet they essentially agreed with each other – a phenomenon unparalleled in literature.


Two accepted names of pharaohs have been found to be mistranslations – not pharaohs’ names at all, but merely curses aimed at intruders to the tomb!


Modern Arabs, fulfilling an ancient prophecy, refuse to

sleep overnight in Babylon.



Ticking Bomb #3: 



Just suppose someone impersonated YOU???


What if you discovered someone was passing himself

off as YOU – cashing in on your reputation, using your

name, even your private stationery. What then?


Okay, here comes the most bizarre true personation

story ever.


Behind the scenes a maniac has assumed a false

identity – BIG TIME!


Two identities have been switched! A benefactor is

snubbed, hated and slandered by those he is helping.

An imposter is believed, adored and praised.







That’s right, this has the potential to wreck the careers

of important people in a much more dramatic way

than the revelation of the Piltdown Hoax did. 


Its significance goes beyond anything you and I have

imagined. You’ll discover how archaeology – religion -

and history intermesh. You’d never guess how the

exposure of TWO BIG NAMES could be so exciting and



…Jesus Christ

…And Guess Who The Other One Is?

 Tempers will  flare… and scholars run for cover.

  • Was Jesus a case of mistaken identity?

  • Did Jesus Christ never really exist?

  • Was Jesus just a fairy tale copied from pagan “christs”?

  • Why are the stories and teachings of Jesus Christ,
    Krishna and Buddha so remarkably similar?
  • Were there at least 16 avatars/saviors/messiahs
    before Jesus Christ – for example, Krishna, Mithra,
    Osiris, Thoth, Prometheus, Buddha, Quetzalcoatl?
  • Why do their mythologies have uncanny parallels    
    example, virgin birth, a December 25 birthday,
    of royal descent, a violent death, a resurrection,

    ascensions, and so on?
  • Is Christianity recycled paganism?

  • Is the Bible so unreliable, you cannot trust what it tells
  • Has it been tampered with?

  • Are churches covering up the truth?


  • Are there endless cycles of destruction and reincarnation?
  • Is Satan (Lucifer) the real god?
  • Is 2012 the year of doom for this planet?

 A dynamite discovery

  • Did you know that a prophecy as old as the
    human race told of a coming Deliverer/ Savior/Christ?
  • Were you aware that in 2200 BC, an arrogant imposter
    claimed to have fulfilled that prophecy?
  • Did you know that this imposter’s followers were
    scattered to the ends of the earth, carrying with them
    the same fake “christ” legend?
  • Did you know that another person later appeared,
    claiming to fulfill the details of that original prophecy?
    And that he was brought to trial on the issue of stolen
  • And what about the prophecy itself – did it EVER
    come true?
  • SWITCHED IDENTITIES: How can you tell an
    authentic from a fake?

 Also, more on the bizarre origin

of Egypt’s ancient gods


Isis... Horus... Osiris... Crocodile gods... Cat

gods... The golden calf... How did these begin?

Why did civilized people worship snakes,

frogs and beetles?


You're about to uncover the most daring hoax in history. As

well as a 4,000 year old scandal that affects our

society today.


Would you like to know why the most popular man

on earth was executed? How a beautiful woman engineered

an impersonation, so she could be queen?


And more discoveries that are

pure dynamite:
















* How did a high civilization spring from the sea
* How old is the Sphinx – really?



* Have some people now living stumbled onto the
secret of endless life – and may never die?
* Past life” recall – is it for real?
* Has anyone ever risen from the dead?



* The amazing star sign prophecies
* Why does Virgo hold a child in her arms?
Why does a man tread on Scorpio’s head and

      fight with the Serpent for the Crown?
Did ancient star charts foretell precise events far

      into the future?
Discover the suppressed secrets of the Zodiac



* Chichen Itza, Mexico: Beautiful Mayan girls leap

      joyfully into wells of sacrifice

* Vanua Levu, Fiji, 1922: Four young men are

sacrificed to stand buried under the earth holding up

a chief’s house
* Why did Buddha shave his head?
* The strange origin of Buddhism, Hinduism, and the

god religions of Egypt, Babylon, Greece, Rome, and

the Inca, Maya and Aztec
* The bizarre origin of Christmas, Easter and Lent



* The ravishingly beautiful girl who cast a spell over a

      dozen kings and hoodwinked whole nations
* You will see the unexpected, the seemingly

      impossible, and just how it happened. Truth stranger

      than fiction!
* An event so scandalous that a dark cloak of secrecy

      was pulled over it.



* Are the same invisible plotters pulling the strings

      of America, Israel, Russia and Iran?


And the strange but true:

 * When King Croesus of Lydia enquired of the Oracle of

Delphi concerning the outcome of an imminent battle with

the Medes and Persians, she replied, “You will overthrow

a great empire.” Elated, he went to battle – and sure enough,

he did destroy a great empire… his own!

* In  950, Tahitian explorer Kupe sailed 2,000 miles to

discover a speck of land in the vast Pacific Ocean. Four

hundred years later, using only oral sailing directions,

another group made their first landfall at the precise bay

Kupe had described

* When Alexander the Great was shown by the priests

of Jerusalem a prophecy in the book of Daniel that

predicted his victory over the Medo-Persian empire,

he was so impressed that he spared Jerusalem.


Soon you are about to enjoy suspense-packed

interweaving of archaeology, history and religion,

in an epic of intrigue.


At last you will discover why things are the way they are…

and why certain key current events are happening.


One way or another, your assumptions are likely to be

challenged. So this will be good for you!


Then, with the weight of evidence in your hands, you will

be able to speak up for what is FACT - and never be

embarrassed by someone shooting you down. 


Meanwhile, here is:


Ticking Bomb #4:  



Scandals… cover-ups… and murders. Here comes the

 secret that men will kill to protect!


When Friends of the Priory of Sion set fire to his school,

principal Greg Ryan was determined to discover the

truth. One man was to die before all the facts came out.

Greg would stumble upon a dark secret that threatened

to destroy a powerful organization.


So… Is Christianity the biggest religious cover-up on this



Was Jesus as “God” decided by a church-and-state  

vote to consolidate power in the 4th century?


Were some “secret books” left out of the Bible?


Did Leonardo da Vinci embed clues in his paintings that

Jesus Christ married Mary Magdalene and had children?

Does Christianity suppress women?


And have you wondered? Why do Christians really

observe Sunday – the day of the pagan sun god? Is there

a colossal cover-up?


To put it bluntly, is Christianity a colossal hoax?


Greg Ryan would also find himself puzzling over some other

intriguing secrets:

  • Has the Holy Grail been found at last?
  • What about the “royal blood” scandal?
  • Why did a housewife bake a book in the oven?
  • How did a cloud of water vapour wipe out a 22,000
    strong mob of assassins?
  • What are the lost cities of Syria?
  • Who were the sinister Alexandrian Cult?
  • Books burned… their owners murdered - why? 
  • Are there 200,000 errors in the Bible?
  • How advanced is the Jesuit plot to destroy
    Protestant churches?

                   Sinister Infiltration Plot


Discover the most massive and deadly

infiltration plot ever devised.


And on the side, did you know:


*    That Plato taught that a cowardly man would be

     reincarnated as a woman?


*   That as early as 1500 BC, biblical writings said

     the earth was (a) suspended in space, (b) was spherical,

     and (c) turned on its axis?


*   That Patrick of Ireland was Scottish, not Irish?


*   That the original name for butterfly was flutterby?


*   That all the original 12 Christian apostles except one

    died violent deaths?


So are you ready for this?


These 4 explosive reports progressively unveil an

enormous drama affecting our whole planet. 


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Report #1

The Discovery That’s Toppling Evolution

Two antagonists, eyeball to eyeball:

a clever plot to use “evolution” to destroy Western society –

and the scientific bombshell that is

set to devastate evolution.

Report #2

UFO Aliens: The Deadly Secret

Malicious entities are posing as aliens from outer space. What is their agenda?

Report #3

Stolen Identity

Jesus Christ and Guess Who?

Behind the interplay of George Bush, the Arabs, Israel, China and the Vatican, a maniac has assumed a false identity to gain control of 6 billion people.

Report #4

The Da Vinci Code Hoax

…and the secret that men will kill to protect. The desperate and dirty propaganda war for your mind. Which information sources can you trust?



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