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·        Egyptian mummy surprises in the Pacific

·         How Did Egypt Ancient Gods Get To Australia

·         Pharaohs who built a Suez Canal

  • Power tools faster than the 21st century
  • Strange pictures in Tut’s tomb: ancient flight?



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Were you aware that ancient Egyptian Pharoahs built a Suez Canal? And did Egyptians really get toAmerica? 


Why did Australian Aborigines mummify their dead in the Egyptian manner? And how did Egypt Ancient Gods get to Australia?


I also want to tell you about an UTTERLY AMAZING discovery made in Tutankhamen’s tomb.


And what about ancient Egyptian machinery 500 times faster than modern power drills!


And let me ask you this: Are there secrets and mysteries still lying undiscovered beneath the desert sands?  Yes, I have some BIG SURPRISES for you!





                   Mummification Process of Ancient Egypt


Let’s start with Egyptian Mummification in Australia.  And I’m going to let you in on a secret.


Chemical analysis of some Ancient Egyptian Mummies has revealed the presence of Eucalyptus Oil – which indicates contact with Australia in the days of the Pharaohs!


If you’re like me, when you first hear about something like this you probably think it must be some mistake. Actually, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


Did you know that death beliefs and rites of Ancient Egypt (including mummification) are held by Arnhem Land (Australia) and Torres Strait natives? The incisions and method of embalming are identical to the practice of 2,900 years ago in Egypt.


             Ancient History of Egypt Largely Forgotten


From discoveries elsewhere in the world, I believe we shall soon a need to re-write much of the Ancient History of Egypt. Evidence is just multiplying that ships from Ancient Egypt explored as far as South America, North America, Australia and the Pacific.


 Were you aware that in some of these distant regions, we now find such things as the Mummification Process of Ancient Egypt practised among local peoples? Did you know that other distinctly Egyptian customs were also practised in these regions? And that there is evidence of Egypt Ancient Gods having been brought there? You can also come across Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics and symbols from Egyptian Ancient Art in both the Americas and Australia!


And in the South West Pacific, you’d be surprised how many distinctly Egyptian artifacts have been unearthed and how many pyramid structures discovered which are almost identical to the Ancient Egyptian Pyramids.


On surprises from history, I have a startling report for you. It’s called Dead Men’s Secrets. But I’ll tell you about that later.


                    In Australia: Egypt Ancient Gods


Now I’d like to ask you a question. However did an Egyptian god end up in far off Australia? Because in case you didn’t know, a statue of the Egyptian god Thoth (in the ape form of pre-2000 BC with the papyrus flower) was found at Gympie, in Queensland, Australia in 1966.


Let me tell you more about this Gympie area. Over the past century, this location has yielded a Middle Eastern spoon, an Egyptian scarab beetle pendant, and also numerous Phoenician and Egyptian pottery fragments and drawings.


Are you shocked? Are you in disbelief? Don’t be, because it’s absolutely true.


A few years ago, two mysterious figures (totally unlike any known Aboriginal art style of the region) were discovered in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia. These figures were more reminiscent of the Egypt Ancient Gods associated with sun worship. One of them resembles the moon goddess Isis. Another resembles the sun god Osiris, with his surrounding sun disk.


I ask you, what are these Egyptian Art Pictures doing in far away Australia? And you can be sure of this. These are not modern. In fact, they are believed to be 3,000 years old.


Back to Queensland, Australia. In 1910, at the base of Pyramid Mountain near Gordonvale, beneath 6 feet of soil, a scarab was found. It bore detailed Egyptian Heiroglyphics. Scarabs like this were often inserted into the heart cavities of Egyptian mummies.


 Now for pyramids. Five structures identical to 3,000 year old step pyramids of the Ancient Middle East Civilizations, exist in the eastern Sepik district of Papua New Guinea. Doesn’t it make you wonder?


                                     American “Rosetta Stone”


We cross the Pacific to America. The United States, did you know, has its own “Rosetta Stone”! It is called the Davenport Stele. This was found in 1874 in the lower levels of an Indian burial mound. It contains inscriptions in three languages: Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics, Iberian Punic and Libyan.


Harvard professor Barry Fell states that this stele is genuine because neither the Iberian nor the Libyan scripts had been deciphered at the time it was discovered.


I could share with you many more examples of an ancient Egyptian presence in the Americas and the Pacific. But you get the picture.


So it appears that explorers from the Ancient Middle East Civilizations knew Australia and the Americas - and they left behind traces of their visits. Wouldn’t it be something if we could read some first hand accounts of those ancient voyages!


We have portions of some of their ancient maps, even today! In my Dead Men’s Secrets report, you will learn more about this.


              Pharoahs Ancient Egypt and a Suez Canal


What about Ancient Egypt Maps?


Here’s another thing you should know. There are at least 15 Ancient Maps of the World These maps are from the Medieval and Renaissance period, and they are infinitely superior to the regular maps made at that time.


Four of these Ancient Maps of the World have their focal point in Egypt.


However, here is a secret I’ll share with you. Many of the Medieval and Renaissance map makers admitted they were copying from sources whose origins were unknown.


These maps, you see, show evidence of a scientific achievement far surpassing the abilities of the map makers of the Renaissance, Middle Ages, the Arab world, or any ancient geographers. They are a product of some people who lived much earlier.


I shall tell you about just one of them now. It is the Hamy King chart (1502).


Among the Ancient Egypt Maps, this one actually shows an ancient Suez Canal!  


So, contrary to common belief, the first construction of a Suez Canal was not by the French in 1869! Does that surprise you?


In the days of the early Egyptian Pharoahs, ocean vessels were able to use the Suez Canal to reach the Indian Ocean, south-western Asia and Australia.


Later, the canal became choked with desert sand.

Here’s how you can now prove that this canal existed anciently: satellite photos and infra-red photos still show its path.


                                 Ancient Egyptian Power Tools


Let me take a moment to give you another example of Egyptian prowess..


You know, of course, that the ancient Egyptians and others were not supposed to have had power tools! I was told at school that the Egyptians were a semi-savage people who never really passed beyond the primitive state of technological development.


This opinion is flatly contradicted by the sophistication of the Pyramids. Also this opinion cannot even explain how the Egyptians managed to do such apparently simple things like DRILLING and SCULPTURING hard stone.


As long ago as the turn of the 20th century, the great Scottish Egyptologist Sir William Flinders Petrie was honest enough to admit that he was puzzled by certain granite and diorite ‘drill-cores’ that he had found at ancient Egyptian archaeological sites.                   


You see, it was clear that tubular drills had been used to hollow out large blocks of these peculiarly hard stones. It was also clear that the drills had been turning WITH GREAT FORCE AND SPEED.


The amount of pressure, shown by the rapidity with which the drills pierced through the hard stone, would surprise you. Can you believe it, load of at least a ton was placed on the 4-inch drills cutting in granite. On the granite core No.7, the spiral of the cut sinks one inch in the circumference of 6 inches, or one in 60, a rate of plowing out which is astonishing.


 These rapid spiral grooves cannot be ascribed to anything but the descent of the drill into the granite under ENORMOUS PRESSURE.


Just how enormous that pressure may have been was confirmed by Chris Dunn, an expert machine toolmaker, who rose to a senior position at Danville Metal Stamp in the United States. His calculations indicate that the Egyptian drills were turning “500 times faster than modern power drills.”


So as you can see from this example, we don’t have to depend on the reliefs and texts of ancient Egypt. There is hard empirical evidence of the form of the core drills. This suggests that the ancient Egyptians may have had access to some sort of as yet unidentified power source which they harnessed in a variety of ways and for a variety of purposes.


That’s right… technology. We’re talking here about advanced science. And you’ll discover more in Dead Men’s Secrets, an astonishing report crammed with lost secrets of Egypt and the ancient world.



      Strange Egyptian Art Pictures in King Tut’s Tomb


Now let me share with you a most amazing discovery that was made in the tomb of Tutankhamen. A breastplate found in the King Tut’s Tomb bore a diagram which upon analysis was found to depict parts of a flying vehicle. Yes, you read that right!


(Like other unexplained Egyptian Ancient Art, this diagram had long been considered just a pretty drawing.)


In 1982, researcher William Deiches built from the diagram a working model – and it flew!


Deiches’ theory that aircraft were in regular use 4,000 years ago so impressed the British Royal Aeronautical Society that in August, 1984 they endorsed his plan to obtain a financial sponsor so that he could build a replica of this ancient aircraft.


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