The Genesis bombshell


Have you heard of this “dangerous” document ?



Did the Genesis document really give the
first warning of 9/11 as an in-house plot?
Will this document seal the Globalists’ fate?
* And are you safe from the coming storm?

Know the inside story of this battle between
a document and a death squad.

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Dear Internet Friend,

WARNING! This may be one of the most important letters you'll ever read.

Although it may at first make you angry, there is also some very good news!

  • You are probably aware of the frightening agenda to eliminate most
    of this world’s population
  • New World Order planners say this needs to be done, so they can
    have their Utopia world.
  • But an unseen bombshell is set to explode.

The extermination plot

I'm not talking about biological/genetic/recombinant DNA weapons, depleted uranium, or a nuclear bomb in the hands of renegades. Even more deadly than all of these is an intellectual bomb that has been let loose on the race.

The New World Order plotters are building their plans on the tenet that because you are a mere evolutionary accident, therefore you are expendable to serve their goals.

They plan that they – and not you – will emerge as survivors to rule.

The document they fear

You may already know that in mid-May, 2009, the shadowy Bilderberg Group
of financial, political and corporate elite met in Greece.

After the meeting, investigative journalist Daniel Estulin, whose information
from inside Bilderberg has routinely proven accurate, released an explosive
report. He revealed that their plan to completely destroy the economy and
ultimately lower global population by two thirds has stoked fears even
within Bilderberg itself that the fallout could ultimately result in the Globalists
losing their control over the world
(Intelligence reporter Sorcha Faal, May 21,

Yes, despite their money, their power and their plan, they do have fears.
And here is another thing they fear and hate…

They also fear that the Genesis document is so powerful that, if it were awakened in the psyche of the masses, it would seriously hamper their

So they are doing their best, as “professionally” as possible, to discredit it. They intend that you will never know what this document really says.

Genesis, if you don't already know, is part of the most widely translated
piece of literature in the world – the Bible.

You think this is an unlikely place to find crucial, life-saving information for right NOW?

Absolutely explosive!

Think again. Some data in this document is simply powerful!

When common people plug into its tested survival data, they become ignited,
invincible and unafraid.

You’d better believe it! That’s exactly what the Globalist villains don’t want -
an informed, empowered and fearless population. They are obsessed with
you becoming subdued, slumbering, and submissive to them, so that they
can more easily execute their dark plans.

Dumbing the population

So here's what the Globalist criminals are doing.

To dull down the minds of the masses, they have been systematically
training and using a compliant team of “nice guy” educators whose doctorates, salaries and grants depend on toeing the line – who will parrot the idea that “we’re
here by evolutionary accident - which means we areuseless eaters’ and expendable.”

The innocent pawns

Of course, your everyday teachers, lecturers and textbook
writers are mostly honest people who do not suspect they are
being used. And many of them would be aghast at the “expendable” idea.
They haven’t joined the dots. But they are the unwitting front for this agenda.

 It has fallen my lot, as an archaeologist, to become conversant with the 
of the real, unseen powers who pull the strings. Yes, the ugly
tentacles of this plot are reaching right into my field of operation.

 But, you ask, what on earth do New World Order plans have to do with
archaeology? Plenty. Because archaeology, whether you know it or not,
encroaches on some matters that these nice Globalists are hell-bent on
suppressing. Archaeology frequently touches on the book of Genesis –
which opposes their plans.

 That’s why they have launched a campaign against Genesis and
related biblical documents. And in this ideological war, educators,
including “higher critics” and even skeptics are often unwitting pawns,
to be used, then cast aside.

The idea is to insidiously cast doubt on the documents and neutralise their power. It is a massive mind-control strategy.

Let me give you a classic example of how this works.

 Desperate denials

 You’ve heard the story of Moses who led the escape of the Hebrew slaves
from Egypt, and the drowning of Pharaoh’s army in the Red Sea? That
particular topic is frequently used as a weapon – and the poor educator,
confidently playing their game for them, ends up getting his fingers burnt.

 One such occasion was in 1978. While divers were searching for possible
remains of this event, a professor trained in the art of “higher criticism” by
his mentors (whose training he had trusted) was stating on camera with all
the weight of letters after his name, that the biblical Exodus “never happened.”

 Poor man! He missed the greatest underwater discovery of the

Now such a mistake would discredit any “higher critic”, but the critic was
quick to compound it. In 1991, he said, with an awesome display of
knowledge, that
“the biblical King David never existed.” Two years later a
team of archaeologists led by Professor Avraham Biram at Tel Dan
unearthed an inscription referring to Beit David, the dynasty of King David
of Israel.

 Result: The critic dared not breathe a word.

This goes on and on. In 2001, a highly placed academic, with his mentors
in the background pulling the strings, assured us that “The Bible’s King
Solomon is all invention.” On January 12, 2003, geologists announced
that they had examined a stone tablet dating to 800 BC which detailed
repair plans for the Jewish temple of King Solomon.

Poor guy, he just faded away and has not been heard of since.

Then a learned scholar (again trained for this very role) went out of his
way to poo-hoo the Genesis story that burning sulphur balls rained down
from the heavens upon Sodom and Gomorrah. Triumphantly he and a
colleague spluttered in laughter, “Haw, haw, haw…There never were
such cities, nor such an event.” But nobody laughed when remains of
the ashen cities were found peppered with sulphur balls in the southern

 The poor critics saw their mirth disappear down the drain.

The fall guys

With this incredible record for being wrong, it might be asked, WHY

In fairness, it must be stated that these are the fall guys. They sincerely
believe in what they are doing. After all, that's all they've been taught.

Prodded by those unseen men who pay their salary, they call on flimsy
archaeological data to convince themselves that their anti-Genesis
onslaught will succeed. Their mentors hover in the background,
out of
harm's way.

This scam goes on every day... in the controlled universities, the media, and in religious seminaries.

But the continual vindication of Genesis and its companion documents
by physical, factual finds, should tell us something... don't you think?

What is wrong with Genesis? Simply this. It says you and I are here by design. That you and your precious children are
worth more than silver or gold. That every person on this planet is of inestimable value.

That is dangerous to the New World Order agenda.

of urgent,
value NOW

Now please get this. As we slide into the greatest crisis in history,
embedded within Genesis is an urgent messsage for NOW: absolutely stunning information that can help you survive, despite these New World Order psychopaths.

You can trust it with your life.

That's why I have placed everything on hold to get this important emerging information out to you - this powerful report, The Weapon the Globalists Fear.

In it, we listen to the critics. And we unlock for you hard-hitting scientific evidence of Genesis’ absolute factual truth.

Then we fire the Genesis torpedo – which hits the sinister New World Order plot right between the eyes.

This is pure dynamite. Life-changing!

You are aware that there are some people who are in the business of deceiving. They have it down to perfection. Some of them go as far as to write books.

Under the pretence of giving you knowledge about the mysteries of the past, they spin subtle innuendos and lying propaganda. And otherwise brilliant
suckers are conned.

In the course of my work as a field archaeologist, historian and investigator, I come across such con men everywhere. - even in the field of religion.

“They couldn’t write”

At first these con men were telling us that Genesis, “book of beginnings”,
was not written as early as the time of Moses – because in 1400 BC
“writing was still unknown
”.  Therefore its stories must have been
passed down orally – as mere myths, legends or fables. So that
disqualified it from being a credible source of information to help us now.

“Dad, send me money”

But now it has been discovered that writing was not only known, it was
fairly common
among the people.

Yes, ancient letters have survived in great abundance. Among my favourites are these:

  • The letter of a Babylonian woman to her husband in his travels,
    in which, after telling him that the little ones are well, she asks advice
    on some trivial matter.
  • The letter of a son to his father, in which he informs him that so-and-so
    has mortally offended him, that he would
    beat up the offender, but
    would like to ask his father’s advice first.
  • The letter in which a son urges his father to send at last the long-
    promised money, offering the
    insolent inducement that he will then
    pray for his father again.

  • You see, ancient civilizations had a well-organized postal system!


Get this! And be in awe! The Genesis document gives us the secret, inside story behind the CURRENT Middle East turmoil, no less! And it contains genuine, up-to-the-minute prophecies of what’s in the news TODAY, even as I write this.

I ask you, isn't that incredible?

Okay, you reply, What about its scientific reliability? Good point. Very well, try these:

1. That our planet’s rocks
    became solid instantaneously

Do you know, a young American scientist has lost funding because he dared discover that the earth’s basement granite rocks had solidified within a matter of minutes.

Do you grasp what that means? – an instant creation of the earth!
This discovery has been placed before the world’s leading scientists –
and they are dumbfounded!

But they saved face by refusing him any more funding. No room for such dangerous information!

 2. That voice can create

 Did you know that sound vibrations from your voice can create physical pictures of plants, trees, landscapes and even animals.?

 3. That new genetic information cannot evolve

Were you aware that new genetic information cannot evolve? Just think of the implications of that!

4. Ancient cloning

Did you know that the first cloning operation was performed 6,000 years ago? Yes, it's right there, described in the book of Genesis.

5. Our amazing past

 Were you aware that in the distant past

  • Single tomato plants 30 feet tall could bear 5,000 tomatoes?
  • Women could keep having children at 130 years of age?
  • Men could run for up to 200 miles without exhaustion?
  • A water canopy above the atmosphere, like a telescopic lense,
    made the
    stars seem bigger and closer?
  • Men and women were living for hundreds of years, as recently
    as 4,000 years ago?
  • Tropical palms swayed in the warm breezes of Antarctica?
  • That catastrophe on a global scale did truly reshape the earth’s
    surface and re-set the dating clocks just over 4,350 years ago?

    This has dating “experts” in a spin!
    But they can't refute it!

 Did you know that man-made artefacts have been found up to 10,000
feet below the ground
, and in all supposed “ages” of strata. Get this…
man in the so-called earliest Cambrian age!!!

Strange but true

Did you know that one small square of paper nearly as small as your
thumbnail is worth $150,000?

That all three branches of the human race have genealogical records
tracing back to the same single man - and hold your breath for this one -
they all say his name was Noah.

 That as early as 1900 BC war was waged over oil!


Explore with me in Israel’s southern desert a ghost town made entirely
of burned ashes!.

Have you heard of the rocks that burn?  Yes, on one of my expeditions I struck a match and set fire to one. The purple- bluish light it emitted lit up
the area around so my crew could lay out our ground sheets.

Critics say there is no evidence that the ancestors of the Jews ever
lived in Egypt
– or that Joseph of the many-colored-coat ever lived?
So let’s play detective and uncover the astonishing hidden facts!

And you will learn of ancient grain pits reached by a tunnel beneath
the scorched sands
of the desert, which fed Egypt during a 7 year

Learn about the photographer who discovered how to photograph
“invisible” things that became visible only in the future!

See an amazing 4,300 year old ship’s log. You might call it an ancient diary.

 Discover how a time capsule inside the oldest document in the world, has enabled us to accurately date it!

 Uncover some mind boggling, advanced 21st century science in a 6,000 year old document.

A challenge to our greatest minds on earth:
a coded message in Genesis
that no man is able to duplicate.

 You might be asking at this point,

  • * How can we know for certain that Genesis has never been tampered
    with - that it really
    is genuine, foolproof, and

You will soon be able to check for yourself that the Genesis information is
absolutely watertight. But you will get something extra.

 With this valuable report, you will also have at your fingertips crucial
information that will help you stand out from the crowd.
You can take advantage of this to dazzle your friends, defeat skeptics, or just have fun.

If that doesn't excite you, you'd better check your pulse.

The document and the New
Order death squad

And on top of that, Genesis exposes three reasons why the Globalist plotters will fail. And reveals Operation Rescue, which is soon to stop them. What is this Operation Rescue?

You will see a very old eye-popping prophecy that 9/11 was going to be an “in-house” job. Speculation? Imagination? Fantasy? Not at all. It is very real - right there in Genesis.

When you see this for yourself, you might wonder, Did the Globalists with their scholars go into Genesis, see it there and select their date 9/11 because they saw it in Genesis?

And you’ll find yourself asking, Does Genesis know the Globalists’
dirty tricks before they do them?

 Don’t delay. You can’t afford to miss this special report, crammed
with amazing facts.

 “One of the very best I have ever
read… A marvellous book.”
                                JP, Australia


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