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NOAH'S ARK - Fable or Real?
Is there a CONSPIRACY going on?

by Jonathan Gray



·         I believe it is an ancient remains of an old ship.
It must be preserved, it must be, it must be
preserved. These are the remains, which are at
any rate, the remains of a ship.
Dr Ekrum Arkurgal, leading Turkish archaeologist,
world renowned for his excavations of the Hittite





You’re CRAZY if you believe in it!” screams Philip Adams.


“To claim to have found Noah’s Ark is tantamount to announcing that the world is flat… People who believe in Noah’s ark have bats in their belfry.” So says the noted atheist in Adelaide (Australia) Weekly Review.





  • We are 100% sure it is the Ark. We are going
     to collect new samples.

Dr Salih Bayraktutan, geologist, Erzurum University,
member of Turkish government Noah’s Ark





That’s no boat… it’s just a rock”!


Geologist Ian Plimer, from his Melbourne office, assures us all it’s nothing more than a geo-syncline, as he chases around the country heckling the meetings of a crazy Arkeologist.






Tempers fray… court costs soar… people may die.


Hot air…controversy… questions…  


So What Do YOU Think?



  • NO!!!    Noah’s Ark? It’s just a silly fable…There’s NOT ENOUGH WATER on earth to cover the mountains. You could NEVER in a million years fit all those animals into one small boat!  

  • YES!!!    It’s true, I tell you! There WAS a man called Noah who DID build a boat. And the animals DID ride in it. Oh yes, and there WAS a Great Flood.  

  • NOT SURE    I really have no idea.



Yes, it's one of the most controversial subjects on earth.



Would you like THE FACTS?


Well, my archaeology teams have been busy on this one. And the result is a rare treat for you. “The Ark Conspiracy” reads like a thriller. But it’s a real life human  interest story, in a search for the truth.


Whether you are a skeptic, or a believer, I guarantee you’ll find this a gripping report.


And it’s going to rattle some cages!




So What Do You Find Out?

In a nutshell, it’s this:


·        When a massive boat-shaped “thing” popped out of the ground, it was to yield secrets of terrifying significance.


·        Why did this provoke a deadly game of betrayals, break-ins and murder attempts?


·        Was there a conspiracy to stop the facts getting out?


·        Was this really Noah’s Ark?


Combining extensive research with compelling narrative, Jonathan Gray lays bare the incredible story behind the legendary Great Flood.


·         Eight scared passengers take a voyage into the Unknown.


·         For centuries pilgrims visit the remains of the survival vessel.


·         Then this amazing relic is lost.


·        Eventually come the raiders. Is this Noah’s Ark?


·         A real-life “Indiana Jones” finds himself caught up in a deadly game of tomb robberies, betrayals and attempted murder.



An astonishing, intriguing expose
of the greatest mystery ever.


This book sets out to vindicate the truth – and correct an injustice. It pulls no punches, exposing the rivalry, the lies and deceit perpetrated by various actors in the Ark-search drama. The media is not spared.


Here is the inspiring saga of a man brave and dedicated enough to face the most horrendous attacks in order to bring to the world what he believed to be one of the greatest discoveries in archaeological history.


Faith so strong it literally moved part of a mountain one November morning and for ten brief minutes changed the color of the sky!… And I ask you, did a miracle really occur?



Scientific Evidence… Questions Answered



·        Scientific evidence and pseudo evidence: what are the facts?


·        Numerous questions answered.


·        Thrill to the astonishing, fascinating saga of the greatest mystery ever.

The questions keep coming...

* Not enough water for a global Flood?

* Impossible for water to cover the mountains?

* Not enough room in the Ark for all the world's animals?

* The scientific arguments against Noah's Ark

* What evidence is there?

* Is there a boat high up on Mount Ararat?

* Could there be many "Arks"?

* Why have no samples ever been taken?

* What's the truth about the pictures?

* What about the expedition that found only "rock"?

* What does the Turkish government say?

* Murder attempts, break-ins, cover-ups - WHY???

Mysteries and puzzles...


* Was the Great Pyramid location deliberately measured from Noah's Ark?


* Did Berosus pinpoint the Ark's longitude and latitude?


Noah’s Ark – Real? Or fake?


You decide.


Truth is stranger than fiction.  Readers have called it “STUNNING!”



with a real-life “Indiana Jones”

Cover-ups… betrayals… miracles

This is archaeology at its most exciting!





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Here’s what some of my readers are saying:


·        I am dumbfounded by the facts! D.H.



·        You’ve done a magnificent job of documenting these facts. You kept me in suspense from chapter to chapter. G.A.



·        It’s so true. All the facts are there. No wonder you are getting a big attack from certain people. I can only say you are speaking THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. So hang in there. B.N.



·        The Ark Conspiracy is simply outstanding! You have said things I’ve suspected for years. I could never understand why archaeologists have NOT told these things to the world. But you’ve given a good reason. C.R.



·        Your book The Ark Conspiracy certainly testifies to the scurrilous opposition which always arises when new evidence testifies to old facts. I thank you for your dedication in recording and making available this carefully collected knowledge. B.C.



·        Each Monday I present a one hour radio show, and yesterday I devoted the first half-hour to your discoveries, with a review of The Ark Conspiracy. M.V.



·        Despite criticism from… disputing your claims, I find  The Ark Conspiracy very convincing. L.Y.



·        Your book The Ark Conspiracy has answered questions I had, and given me new food for thought. I enjoyed it immensely. P.A.



·        We are not religious. In fact, my husband has been something of a skeptic. And he never reads books. Well, last night he wouldn’t come to bed. He read ¾ of it. He said this morning that he can’t wait to see what happens next. If you’ve done that to HIM, I can’t wait to read it.  M. B.



·        There’s only one thing wrong with it. Five people can’t read it at the same time. P.T.



·        Have just finished The Ark Conspiracy. When will you use the boroscope and what do you think will be found inside? Ancient graffiti? Traces from animals? I can’t wait for the sequel.  T.R.



·        What an inspiring story! It should have a stabilizing influence on many. I’ve listed 50 friends who just have to get this!  L.G.



·        After reading your book, I am fully persuaded it’s the ABSOLUTE truth. Almost all previous claims are FALSE, or at best delusions or fantasy.  A.B.



·        A friend paid for me to have it. I’ve found it most riveting and intensely interesting. G.S.



·        Someone in Africa told me about The Ark Conspiracy. It’s so exciting I can’t stop. What else can I get?  G.G.




Special price today

$27 value for just $9.95

and you also get my lifetime no-nonsense 100% money-back guarantee!

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