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…an ancient secret?


                                                                                     Jonathan Gray



The other day a man in South Africa emailed asking HOW TO INCREASE CAR MILEAGE BY 85% - as I had hinted in an article on ancient technology.


In case you’re also wondering, here is my reply to him. In modern automobile tests, an ultrasonic reactor attached to the carburettor almost doubled petrol mileage with very little exhaust gas.


This simple gadget was based on a system of harmonic resonance within the atomic structure of liquids. This information comes from the Dead Men’s Secrets ebook (page 303), which speaks of sound wave technology in the ancient world being used to lift massive weights.


In Dead Men’s Secrets, we show a man standing looking up at some giant stone building blocks, weighing as much as 2,000 tons and as big as a bus, which are raised up to two stories above the ground. He is so dwarfed by them that you can hardly see him.


We have no cranes in the world today that can budge, let alone lift and transport, such titanic blocks.


Did you know that ancient reports from Babylon and Egypt speak of sound waves being used to raise heavy weights?


The relationship between sound and weightlessness is still a mystery to us. We are reminded of the Bolivian legend that thousands of years ago vehicles were kept airborne by means of sound vibrations at a certain pitch, produced by continual hammer blows.


Here, perhaps, is the explanation for those technologically impossible prehistoric constructions, many of which seem literally to have been thrown up to the tops of mountains and perched on the edge of precipices, as if the giant stones had flown there!


Additionally, there are many ancient reports of statues and various objects suspended in mid-air or being maneuvered into position while floating in the air.


You’d be amazed at how many such reports have survived. These come to us quite independently from Greece (4th century BC), Egypt (400 AD), Syria (2nd century), Asia Minor (5th century), Tibet, Arabia and Ethiopia.


And would you believe, local native tradition in South America, Ponape, Easter Island and India, concerning ancient ancestors, parallels this.


On the basis of such widespread traditions, I think we need to reconsider the method by which those enormous stone blocks strewn throughout the world were set in place.


 The explanation offered by the ancients – who lived closer to the events than we – cannot lightly be brushed aside. Even the legends of their widely separated descendants should at least be given a hearing.


And let me tell you this. Outrageous though individual accounts may sound, a comparison does reveal an interesting thread of agreement running through them all – the concept that heavy objects were made to levitate.


People everywhere are talking about this controversial book, Dead Men’s Secrets. Here’s what two say: 


·         ·         ·         “I’ve just read it through for the FIFTH time. WOW!” (Pat Brannigan, Los Angeles).


·         ·         ·         “This is the best book of its kind I have ever read. You cannot put it down; it keeps intruding into your thoughts.” (Ron Davies, London)


  You really owe it to yourself to get your copy – while the 6 FREE bonuses are still being given away. People are saying I’m too generous and I must admit, I’ve thought about NOT giving all these other books away free.


So why not take another look at what it's about.  You'll be glad you did.


International explorer, archaeologist and author Jonathan Gray has traveled the world to gather data on ancient mysteries. He has penetrated some largely unexplored areas, including parts of the Amazon headwaters. The author has also led expeditions to the bottom of the sea and to remote mountain and desert regions of the world. He lectures internationally.

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