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Five stunning books together in one mighty e-book,

 “Mysteries of a Lost World”


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Book 1:  64 Secrets Still Ahead of Us

Book 2: The Bizarre Origin of Egypt’s Ancient Gods

Book 3: Surprises From Ancient Hebrew Civilization - FREE extra

Book 4: The Lost World of Giants

Book 5: Amazing Lost Wonders - FREE extra

Book 6: Into the Unknown

Book 7: In a Coffin In Egypt




Welcome to this compilation of ancient mysteries: FIVE BOOKS IN ONE!

 I trust you will thorough enjoy it.    Jonathan


Part 1:  64 Secrets Still Ahead of Us


This is not merely ancient secrets – but knowledge way ahead of our own 21st century.


Sixty-four ways in which an earlier, forgotten science and technology was superior to our own… today.


You will learn of secret formulas that could revolutionise modern aviation, construction and medicine - advanced secrets our world once knew, and has forgotten.


Discover how some geniuses of antiquity soared into inventions and plucked knowledge that our 21st century is just beginning to nudge. You may well ask, what else did they know, that we don’t?


Art techniques which we cannot copy… super micro technology… sub-ocean tunnelling… invisibility… time viewing devices… lamps that never go out… WHAT NEXT???


64 amazing ancient secrets for the future - all compiled together under one cover.


Suppose you could crack just ONE of these secrets, the world could beat a path to your door! You would get back millions of times the price of this package. Fascinating stuff!


Part 2: The Bizarre Origin

of Egypt’s Ancient Gods


Isis… Horus… Osiris… Crocodile gods… Cat gods… The Golden Calf… How did it all begin? Why did sophisticated people with technology worship such things?


Explore the mysterious and massive bull-god complex deep under Egypt’s hot desert sands.


And here we uncover the most daring hoax in history. And a 4,000 year old scandal that affects our society today.


Would you like to know why the most popular man in the world was executed by a tribunal of 72 judges? How a beautiful woman impersonated someone else, so she could be queen?


 Discover the advanced technology used by ancient Egyptians to make a “dead” man come “alive”.



Part 3: Surprises From The

Ancient Hebrew Civilization

  This one is free

Get ready for a string of surprises!  Those ancient Hebrews - so you thought you knew all about them?


Now discover some amazing technology – from building blocks as big as a bus to noiseless stone cutting machines that would blow your mind. Did ancient Israel have contacts with Britain and… wait for it… North America?


 Was electricity known? What about the independent reports from Africa and Asia concerning King Solomon’s aeronautical exploits?


Wonder at the incredible health and medical prowess of the Hebrews. Where did they get this ultra modern knowledge?


What else might they have known?


Part 4: The Lost World of Giants


At last! Concrete evidence of ancient giants who ruled the earth! This cutting edge report answers the questions:


·        Were there really humans 12 to 15 feet tall… or bigger?


·        Have any tools, artefacts or houses of ancient giants ever been found?


·        But isn’t it physically impossible for giants to survive?


·        Do historical records say anything about ancient giants?


·        Does the Bible say anything about ancient giants?


This amazing report presents almost 100 case histories of GIANT discoveries all over the earth.


Also, who were those ancient people with 6 fingers and 6 toes?


And more… Could you live to be 600? What is the truth about long lived humans in the past?


“Killer” finds that shake the evolution theory



  This one is free

Astonishing discoveries from the Aztecs, Maya, Incas, Machu Picchu, Egypt, China, Greece, Easter Island and India.


Also strange pictures… cave painting prehistoric art… and MORE!





Wild adventure in the unmapped jungle of the Amazon headwaters…

where savages shrink human heads.


Here are the chapter titles:


·        Midnight Drama in a Frontier Village

·        In the Hands of Two Murderers

·        Lost!

·        Leaping Rapids

·        An Offer Too Dangerous to Accept

·        The Witch’s Curse

·        How to Shrink a Head

·        Weird Sounds in the Dark

·        The Fire-god Sacrifice


See what happens when a high civilization turns its back on divine law…

AND more!




And there’s even MORE from marvellous Egypt, land of romance and mystery:


Come and explore with me the secret tunnels of Sakkara… Also deep under Egypt’s ancient desert sands, a mysterious tomb… Learn of a surprise oasis in the desert, where Joseph’s Canal is pointed out by the locals… And amazing 100 foot deep grain pits for a 7 year famine…


Then I’ll share with you the incredible story of a vanishing mummy... as well as prophecies to make Nostradamus look pale! You’ll discover some startling information in all this. Gripping stuff!



All five books together in one mighty e-book,

 “Mysteries of a Lost World”


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All 5 books only $39.95

Save 43%

and you also have my lifetime money-back guarantee!


Jonathan Gray

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