This is the adventure of your life…


       …perfectly preserved empty cities, totally abandoned

       …and cities choked by jungle

       …swallowed by the desert

       …drowned by the sea

       …incinerated by fire balls from the sky

       …and MORE!






This is Jonathan Gray, international field archaeologist. I invite you to come with me, now, on an adventure you’ll never forget. What awaits you is an amazing journey as you come face to face with a weird world of seemingly endless questions…





  • Do you know about the lost islands, now deep beneath the sea, discovered with remains of cities, palaces and temples?


  • And the news of the pilot who discovered a drowned mountainside city in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean?


  • Discover ruins up to four stories high, that you can explore only if you go diving.


  • Learn of the submarine that accidently bumped into a flight of man-made steps cut into a cliffside 1,400 feet below the surface!




  • What mystery lies within those creepy 700 miles of tunnels in the Sahara desert?




  • Explore a bizarre lost city in the clouds.



  • Learn of one man’s treachery that brought ruin to a magnificent kingdom.


  • And what are white quartz surf beaches doing high up, hundreds of miles from the sea?


  • Learn of a city of gleaming white pyramids, towering palaces and broken fountains, poking up through unknown jungle of northern Brazil?


  • Discover why a group of women escaped to an impregnable mountain top city… and what happened to them?


  • Did you know that from Mexico to Chile, thousands of ruins of towns and cities, buried under dense jungle or desert sands, have never been explored?


  • Learn the incredible true story of how thousands of city folk, sophisticated in commerce, became savages in the jungle!




  • Who carved hundreds of rooms high into the wall of the Grand Canyon, 2,000 feet above the present river bed?


  • What mysterious “giants” built a city in Death Valley? What hovering heat source destroyed it?


  • Did you know there are traces of ancient cities spread out from Florida, through the Mississippi and over into Arizona and New Mexico?  That one of them, in Texas, had walls up to 49 feet high?




  • Would you like to know about the tourists who passed over a lost city in boats, admiring the ruins visible through the clear water?


  • And what about the city that was destroyed by a young lady’s prank with a stolen key?


  • Do you know about the British city, half the size of London, that vanished?


  • Learn of the bells of churches that peal as the sea currents surge through the bell towers!




  • Has anyone told you about the paved roads that go far out under the sea?


  • And about a city the world forgot – rose-red Petra – encircled by cliffs, guarded by tall, lean, hawk-faced sentries, and accessible only through a split in the rock wall? The city where victims’ hearts were torn out, still beating, as a sacrifice to the sun? Why did this bustling city die? And how was it re-discovered?


  • My night in the eeriest ghost town on earth.


  • Have you heard about the 100 once prosperous cities, now all empty, with houses almost as perfect as the day they were built - and why their occupants just packed up and left?


  • The search for the lost cities of Sodom and Gomorrah… peppered with millions of balls of burnt sulphur… a furnace by day, scary at night.  How can 4,000 year old structures, totally turned into ash, still be standing? Shock from the past.




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