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Dead Menís Secrets
Surprising Discoveries in Lost Cities of the
Dead. Seafloor, jungle and desert sands
give up a thousand
forgotten secrets.
Technology that vanished! Could
this lost
super race have beaten us to the moon,
developed computers, and nuclear war?
Who mapped
America thousands of years
before it was 'discovered'?
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The Bizarre Origin of Egypt's
Ancient Gods

A 4,000-year-old scandal that affects our
society today.
Would you like to know why
the most popular man in
the world was
executed? How a beautiful woman
impersonated someone else, so as to be
Discover the advanced technology
used by ancient
Egyptians to make a
"dead" man come "alive".
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The Ark Conspiracy
Cover-ups, Betrayals and Miracles The
story behind the discovery
of Noah's Ark and the
attempts to suppress
the news. Why do some people
say no, but
others that this is the 'real' Noah's Ark?

A true-life thriller - archaeology at its most
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The Lost World of Giants
Were there really humans 12-15 feet tall?
Discovered! -
tools, artifacts and houses of
ancient giants. 97 giant
discoveries all over
the earth, and now ACTUAL

PHOTOGRAPHS! Also, long-lived humans.
facts that challenge the evolution
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64 Secrets Ahead of Us
64 ways in which an earlier, forgotten
science and
technology was superior to our
own. Learn of secret
formulas that could
revolutionise modern aviation,
and medicine - advanced secrets we
knew and have forgotten.
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Ark of the Covenant
The Shocking Truth, Hidden for 2,000
Years! - For some 800 years, the Ark of the
Covenant was
the most sacred object in the
world. In 586 BC it
vanished. 2,500 years
later, American amateur
archaeologist Ron
Wyatt claims to have found the
Ark of the
Covenant. He was promptly ordered by the

host government not to reveal certain
Jonathan Gray set out with a
briefcase full of
objections against Wyatt's
claims. However, intense
repeated visits to dig sites, and
viewing of evidence and artifacts astonished
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The Killing of Paradise Planet
Secrets of that forgotten world BEFORE
the Great
Flood. Book 1 of a trilogy. What if
everything in
YOUR life changed suddenly
in 24 hours? Astonishing
city 6,000 feet
under the Pacific Ocean. Elephants and
tropical palm trees suddenly entombed in
ice. Could
you really live to be hundreds of
years older?
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Surprise Witness
What happened DURING the Great Flood,
step by step.
Book 2 of a trilogy. Fossil
evidence of men, women,
children and
animals FLEEING. 30,000 volcanoes erupt.
Waves 700 feet higher than New York's
Empire State
building sweep the globe.
What discovery has
paleontologists out of their wits?
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The Corpse Came Back
Forgotten secrets of our earth SINCE the
Great Disaster.
Book 3 of a trilogy. For the
first time, see world history
knit together
in a way that makes sense. Mysterious
civilizations in jungles and deserts. Boats
found inside
mountains and other odd
discoveries. Do preserved
genealogies REALLY trace back to Noah?
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The Discovery Thatís Toppling Evolution
The scientific bombshell that is set to
devastate evolution.
You are about to
discover skeletons in locked cupboards,

bones in forbidden places and secrets
hidden under the
carpet. You won't believe
in the immensity of the
multi-million dollar
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UFO Aliens: The Deadly Secret
Are governments covering up hard core
evidence of
"other world" visitors? What
about crashed UFOs and
alien bodies?
Did aliens really bring civilization to Planet
Earth? Or is there some other explanation?
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Stolen Identity
The secret that could wreck the careers of
many high
profile "professional" people. Did
Jesus Christ never
really exist? Why are the
stories and teachings of Jesus
Krishna and Buddha so remarkably similar?
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The Da Vinci Code Hoax
 And the secret that men will kill to protect.
Jesus as "God" decided by a
church-and-state vote to
consolidate power
in the 4th century? Were some
books" left out of the Bible? Did Jesus
marry Mary Magdalene and have
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 In Search of Lost Cities
This is the adventure of your life - perfectly preserved empty cities, totally abandoned ...and cities choked by jungle...swallowed by the desert... drowned by the sea ...incinerated by fire balls from the sky...and MORE!
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2. Has Noahís
Ark Been Found?
3. The Lost Cities of
Sodom and Gomorrah
4. In Search of Pharaoh's Lost Army

5. Ark of the Covenant
6. Strange Signs in the Sky
7. Secrets of Ancient
South America
8. In a Coffin in Egypt

Secrets of the Pyramids
Europe's Coming Collapse
UFO Aliens: The Deadly Secret
A Colossal City in Space?
Vanished City Under the Sea
Tsunamis, Terrorism: What's Coming?
What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs?
The Star Sign Prophecies
Atheism Beaten By a Prophecy
How to Tap Unlimited Spiritual Power
Are the Dead Really Dead?
The Hijack of America
The Mystery of King Solomon's Temple
The Da Vinci Code Hoax
Fingerprints of Creation
The Young Age of the Earth
Center of the Universes

Jonathan Gray...
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WARNING! This may be the most important letter you'll ever read.

What I have to tell you is just one portion of the scandal that's going on in the scientific,
educational and religious world today. It's a scandal that - if you are like most people
I know - is cheating you of knowing your past, your future and robbing you of many
serious benefits you should be getting now from existing knowledge.

You have probably been cheated - with misinformation - many times this year without
you ever knowing!

Science: Artifacts deliberately dumped in the Atlantic Ocean... certain discovery sites
banned to researchers who ask embarrassing questions... an archaeologist ordered to
deny a major discovery...

Education: Carefully engineered cover-ups concerning history... geology... health.

Religion: Churches infiltrated... documents destroyed... truth suppressed... researchers
murdered or discredited

In just a moment you will discover secrets that will blow your mind.

You're going to see the world around you in a new light that uninformed people
everywhere are constantly missing. And some puzzles about the past - and the present -
will start making sense:

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