to this book of ancient mysteries:
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The Lost World
of Giants


At last! Concrete evidence of ancient giants who ruled the earth! This cutting edge report answers the questions:


·        Were there really humans 12 to 15 feet tall… or bigger?


·        Have any tools, artefacts or houses of ancient giants ever been found?

·        But isn’t it physically impossible for giants to survive?


·        Do historical records say anything about ancient giants?


·        Does the Bible say anything about ancient giants?


This amazing report presents almost 100 case histories of GIANT discoveries all over the earth.


Also, who were those ancient people with 6 fingers and 6 toes?


And moreCould you live to be 600? What is the truth about long lived humans in the past?


“Killer” finds that shake the evolution theory


I shall keep you updated on discoveries of GIANTS
as they come in.

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