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What I have to tell you involves the scandal that's going on in

the scientific world today. It's a scandal that - if you are like

most people I know - is cheating you of your ancestry and

robbing you of many serious benefits you should be getting

from existing scientific knowledge.

You have probably been cheated - with misinformation -

many times this year without you ever knowing!

Remains deliberately destroyed in Texas ... certain discovery

sites banned to researchers who ask embarrassing questions...

an archaeologist ordered to deny a major discovery...

In just a moment you will discover secrets from our past and

PRESENT that will blow your mind…

You're going to see the world around you in a new light that

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And some puzzles about the past will start making sense:

Up-to-the-minute research has exposed 3 TICKING BOMBS



You need to know about these:


1.    Forbidden Discoveries


2.    Men in Embarrassing Places


3.    Is This Sitchin Fiction?




Ticking Bomb #1:
Forbidden Discoveries

* Banned news of earlier people
Why was New Zealand museum curator Noel Hilliam warned to keep out of an archaeological forest area or his life would be in danger?

* Brave scientist murdered
Who murdered scientist, Dr Mallove after he announced that “official science is not really intent on truly expanding scientific knowledge, when some scientific dogmas and theories are put at risk”?

* Science and media laughed at him
After national radio broke news that amateur historian/ archaeologist Val Osborn had found evidence of Phoenician mining operations in Australia around 1000 BC., a Central Queensland University representative went on the six o’clock news to debunk Osborn’s discovery. Why was he represented as an archaeology expert when in reality he was an art history teacher?

* Lisa’s “top secret” orders
Lisa Kerr, while working with the New Mexico Park's
Department, helped excavate a large number of giant human skeletons exposed after a washout. Why were she and other workers obliged to sign "secrecy documents" ensuring that they would never divulge details of their participation in this undertaking?

* The farmer who nearly went to prison
Why was a poor farmer threatened with being sent to prison because of some stones found on his property?

* Evidence destroyed
Why would institutions like the Smithsonian, found to disseminate “knowledge for the benefit of mankind”, dump priceless artefacts in the ocean?

* Cancer cure blocked
When a safe, natural cancer cure was discovered by brilliant German research scientist, Dr. Johanna Budwig, a seven-time Nobel Award nominee, why was it blocked by the very agency that is designed to protect your health - the FDA?

Ticking Bomb #2:
Men in Embarrassing Places

* The “impossible” murder
Read the most bizarre modern murder report ever!

* Was mankind ALWAYS here?
If mankind evolved in the last 5 million years, then why are human remains now discovered in rock strata which represents ALL geological
ages of earth’s history? For example:
- an iron thimble “70 million years old”?
- a human shoe print “140 million years old”?
- a gold chain and human skeleton “300 million years old”?
- an engraved metal vase “600 million years old”?
- men in the so-called “oldest” rock of all – the Cambrian?
* Is coal really not so old?
Did you know that “300 million year old” coal can be made in just 6 hours?
* Rock strata: younger than we thought?
Did you know that deep, multiple layers of rock strata can form as quickly as one day?
* Fossils negate evolution theory?
Atheist Richard Dawkins says: “I challenge anyone to submit out of sequence fossil finds that disprove evolution.” Jonathan Gray accepts
the challenge.

* Did men and dinosaurs live simultaneously?
Why are dinosaur prints and human prints – and dinosaur bones and human bones – unearthed together in Australia, Turkmenia and the United States?

* Dinosaurs NOT 130 million years ago?
Why are some dinosaur bones not yet fossilised – and why do they still contain red blood cells and protein (which cannot survive more than a few thousand years)

* Cover-ups
Why is evidence carefully edited out before it reaches scientific journals?


Ticking Bomb #1:  
Is This Sitchin Fiction?

* Did ETs crossbreed to produce us?
Did extraterrestrials from a distant planet called Nibiru (Planet X) come to earth and crossbreed with creatures here?

* The Planet X claims
Does Nibiru’s orbit bring it into our solar system every 3,600 years?
* What’s coming? Is it due to visit us soon?

* Sumerian tablets
Which are older – the Sumerian tablets or the biblical book of Genesis?

* The Anunnaki
Who were the Anunnaki – really? The shocking surprise.

* The “sons of God”

Who were the frequently mentioned “sons of God”?

* The Nephilim legend
Who were the Nephilim? Another monster surprise.

Do you want to know the truth?
Sensational theories are cheap…
but what about some ROCK SOLID FACTS?

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