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The renegade science teacher -





“Al!” she screamed. “There’s someone in our garage!”


Gloria almost dropped the fry pan. “Get out there quick!”


As he swung open the door, Al saw a shadow fleeing down

the driveway. It disappeared into the dark.


He felt for the light switch…


Did you know that

·             our scientific thought guardians have rewritten history

        to present a one-sided account of our origins?

·             the scientific elite has suppressed knowledge about

        fossils, biology and dating systems that, if known,

        would destroy evolution?

·             the scientific Establishment has tolerated fraud

        and employed horrific methods to keep this knowledge


·             science textbooks have been promoted by men who

        possessed a political agenda… to solidify their own

        power base?


You are about to discover skeletons in locked cupboards,

bones in forbidden places and secrets hidden under the carpet.


And you won’t believe the immensity of this MULTI-MILLION-



In pursuing this scandal, I also stumbled upon a number of

fascinating trivialities, such as these:


*   Did you hear that in West Virginia, coal miners a mile below

ground came upon an air pocket containing coalified human

bodies – in “200 million year old” c oal? And that soon after, the

spot was permanently flooded!


*   Were you aware that your body has 100 trillion walled cells?

And that each single cell is as complicated as New York City,

with energy generators, transport systems, waste disposal systems,

structural designers, invasion guards, food factories, protective
barriers and communication links – all crammed into
a space

less than a thousandth of an inch long.


*   And how about this? Good grade black coal has been produced

at the Argonne National Laboratoriesin Illinois from simple heating of

wood in only 28 days.


*   Have you heard about those clever European spiders that construct

houses under the sea? Not only do those tiny creatures link the

separate houses with a waterproof tunnel, but then they go back and
forth to the surface, until they have filled the underwater houses with air. 


*   Did you know that in Antelope Springs, Utah, in 1968, William

Meister uncovered a trilobite in the heel of a human sandal print in

‘440 year old’ Cambrian rock?


*   Were you aware that inside every cell of your body, microscopic-

sized machines assemble new machines? And they interact with

other machines to accomplish specific jobs which require great

intelligence. Although each machine is never taught – because it

has not a nerve cell or a brain in its body - it knows exactly what
to do. 


*  Did you hear what happened in Glen Rose, Texas, on August 13,

1989? Faced with 70 human footprints criss-crossing 478 dinosaur

tracks, two men with an iron bar, tried to destroy the evidence.


*   And catch this! With no glue or suction mechanism, geckos can

walk upside down across ceilings. And how do they do it? They use

atomic forces – attraction between atoms! Microscopic hairs on

their toes directly attach to molecules in the walking surface.


*   Have you heard? “65 million year old” dinosaurs examined in

1990 at Montana State University had not yet completely fossilized

and they contained red blood cells that cannot survive more

than a few thousand years.


*   DNA code comes in intelligently designed “sentences” identical

to human language in well-written “instruction books”.


*   And did you know that numerous scientists systematically

FALSIFY DATES of ancient remains?


*   Surprise! In El Boqueron, Colombia in 1971, Professor Henero

Henao Marin exposed a 65-foot skeleton of a dinosaur next to a

human skull? 


*   Archaeoraptor” (a creature with the body of a bird and the tail

of a small dinosaur) “discovered” in China in 1999 was announced

as “important” evidence of evolution. After it sold for $51,000 it was

found to be a fraud fossil – stuck together from parts of unrelated



*   And you’d better believe it! Mathematicians assure us that our

existence on earth is so unlikely, it’s as though we had won a

million-dollar lottery a million times in a row.


Could this be why Soren Lovtrup, Professor of Embryology,

University of Umea, Sweden, stated: “I believe that one day the

Darwinian myth will be ranked the greatest deceit in the history of

science. When this happens, many people will pose the question:

how did this ever happen?”


Do you know who said this?: “Evolution [is] a fairy tale written by

Homo idiotus and believed by Homo credulous”? (Time
Australia, April 4, 1994, p.10)


Think carefully, now. Can you truly answer these?:

*   Have men seen living dinosaurs?

*   How does new information evolve?

*   Why is inter-dependence among living species a threat to

evolution theory?

(Among many plants – insects – birds – animals - are countless

examples of complex, inter-locked cycles that could not exist

without each other. How did these independently evolve at the

same precise moment to avoid extinction?)


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