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“Evidence slowly accumulates that the ancients, even 2,000

years ago, were aware of the Fifth Continent – Australia.


“Sporadic but most suggestive finds have been made from

Torres Strait down the east coast to the border of Victoria.


Eight years ago, during excavations for silo elevators at

Geraldton, Western Australia, an Egyptian bronze plate

was found 20 feet below today’s sea level.”


So reported the Sydney Daily Telegraph on October 26,



Since the 1990s our Dead Men’s Secrets office has been

receiving news reports from all over Australia.


At Wollongong, New South Wales, in an inlet now silted

up and covered by mangroves and blackberries, 20 ruined

houses have been found, with paved pathways leading to a

water catchment inland and down to the remains of a stone

wharf about 50 feet long.


North of Noosa, about 100 miles north of Brisbane,

Queensland, there are rock carvings possibly 2,800 years



Others in New South Wales are at Gosford, beside the

Hawkesbury River near Wiseman’s Ferry, and at Penrith,

Springwood, Campbelltown and Goulburn.


Artifacts have been found at Ipswich and Rockhampton

(Queensland) and at Towradgi, Wollongong and Taree

(New South Wales).


On the south coast of New South Wales, under a sandhill,

a wooden wreck has been examined which is 40 feet long

and 9 feet wide, with timbers held together by wooden

plugs. A similar relic has been found near Perth in Western



Rex Gilroy, while director of the Natural History Museum

at Mount Victoria, New South Wales, wrote:


“It now seems possible that the Egyptians were planning

the colonisation of Australia.


“Evidence of this can be seen in ruins near Newcastle and



At Newcastle, a number of decayed ruins of dwellings

overlook a paved area lining the waterfront and a badly

preserved stone wharf. Pottery fragments, copper coins

and part of a bronze sword were found there.


Sir Ralph Cilento, as well as W.J. Perry in his Children

of the Sun, state the belief that mummification and its

ceremonies were brought to Torres Strait by Egyptians in

the 21st dynasty.


Sir Grafton Elliott Smith, one-time Professor of

Anthropology, Manchester University, began a

controversy early last century when he claimed that

evidence of Egyptian culture among the natives of New

Guinea dated back at least 2,000 years, and that it was then

still apparent among the peoples of the western Pacific.


In Queensland, a local person claimed that he had found an

ancient Egyptian scarab behind Ellis Beach, up on a hill

where there is a fresh water spring. It was buried 2 feet

below the ground adjacent to the spring. He claimed it was

4,000 years old.


On October 29, 1994, the Queensland Times reported:


“Ray Johnson is trying to decipher hieroglyphics that were

discovered last year engraved in a wall at Gosford, New

South Wales.


“Mr Johnson said the Gosford site was like a narrow pass

inscribed on both sides with hieroglyphics and a tomb that

contained the remains of a dead Egyptian.


“Mr Johnson said he had written to Foreign Minister

Gareth Evans to inform him of the find.” 


One of our readers living in Queensland wrote to Dead

Men’s Secrets:


“Several times in my teens, in the 1930s, I visited Brisbane,

spending time in the old Queensland Museum studying all

the old exhibits. Two that particularly interested me were

bowls of Egyptian coins that had been collected on the

Atherton Tableland (North Queensland). The new museum

has everything in archives instead of open display. I have

no doubt they are still there.”


Another Queensland reader has written us with the



“My son-in-law, a third generation local in the Home Hill

area (1350 kilometres north of Brisbane) has told me that

locals climbed a mountain which is on the coast north of

Airlie Beach to look at a white obelisk that had been

reported on the top. They found it to be engraved with

hieroglyphics which they presumed to be Egyptian. As it

overlooks the Barrier Reef and the coastal channel they

also assumed it to be a navigational beacon. It has been

reported there is another one on Cape Tribulation, north of

Cairns, but it is now covered with rain forest.”






Most of us know the boomerang as the instantly recognisable

symbol of Australia – a bent stick that returns when thrown,

used by the Aborigines for several thousand years.


What is not so commonly known is that evidence of both

returning and non-returning boomerangs has been found on

all continents.


As boomerang throwers, the Aborigines were joined by the


and the peoples of INDIA, ancient EGYPT, POLAND,


the NEW HEBRIDES, and also PUNT in AFRICA.


Some of the most interesting and least known boomerangs

are those found in the tomb of Tutankhamen in Egypt. These

priceless artefacts are made of ebony and ivory and some are

inlaid with gold. Recent research shows that some were of the

returning variety.


It appears that the boomerang is now associated with Australia

because the Aborigines are the last race to be seen using them.






“If you keep something long enough, it’s bound to come

back into fashion. Forget the flares and glitter, we’re talking

millennia here.


Scientists have discovered a collection of caveperson

footwear in a prehistoric settlement in the Rockies that

makes Imelda Marcos’ wardrobe look like a load of old

cobblers. We’re talking STRAPPY LEATHER SANDALS


thousands of years. They also found HANDBAGS. Which

just goes to show nothing really changes on the domestic

front, does it?



The above reports are an update to the best-seller Dead

Men’s Secrets – surprising discoveries in lost cities of

the dead. Seafloor, jungle and desert sands give up a

thousand forgotten secrets. Technology that vanished.

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