Center of the Universe is an absolute must see for all who have

pondered whether the universe is just a cosmic accident or,

instead, if the glories and mysteries of the starry heavens hold

a sublime but heretofore undeciphered message in the sky from

the Creator Himself.


In this documentary, Drs. Robert and David Gentry unlock this

message by their amazing astronomical discovery that the

universe has a nearby center that can be identified with the

location of the Great White Throne, the pivotal center of the

universe described as the divine dwelling place in the book

of Revelation.


They even go so far as to suggest this discovery may have

apocalyptic implications: that is, did the Creator of the Universe

long ago plan for this sign in the heavens to be discovered as a

signal that the present age is nearing its close and will soon end

with the second coming of Christ in power and great glory? Itís

a challenging possibility that none should ignore.\


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