For decades scientists have advanced the evolutionary theory

of the Earth’s origins… but have scientists considered all the

evidence for the concept of an anciently evolving Earth?


The Young Age of the Earth provides revolutionary scientific

evidence for a model of Earth history in which:


  • the sedimentary layers composing the Grand Canyon
  • were deposited quickly instead of slowly
  • the Grand Canyon was formed over a short time by fast
  • erosional processes
  • granites, the foundation rocks of the Earth, formed
  • rapidly instead of by slow cooling
  • life forms did not appear spontaneously, but by design
  • coal and oil can form rapidly, and did so recently
  • dinosaurs existed, not millions of years ago, but just a
  • few thousand years ago
  • natural laws, the glue which hold the entire evolutionary
  • framework together, cannot explain everything in Earth’s
  • history


The evidence presented in The Young Age of the Earth will

clearly show that the Earth is actually quite young, and give

you reason to rethink your beliefs about life’s origins based

on valid scientific data.


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