A revolutionary discovery has been found in the Earthís foundation

rocks: the Fingerprints of Creation!


Scientist Dr Robert Gentry has discovered that granites contain

beautiful microscopic coloration halos produced by the radioactive

decay of primordial polonium, which has only a fleeting existence.

According to every basic principle of evolutionary theory, these

halos shouldnít be there.


In the evolutionistsí way of thinking, granites originated in a molten

state, cooled, crystallized and hardened over millions of years in the



But if thatís the case, primordial poloniumís fleeting radioactivity

could never have been captured in the form of a halo. It would have

decayed away long before the rock solidified. Polonium radiohalos

indicate that the Earth was formed instantly, thus providing the

scientific evidence that the Earth began in the manner described in

the Bible.


This startling discovery is presented in easy to understand terms.


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