Ticking Bomb:





Scandals… cover-ups… and murders. Here comes the secret that men will kill to protect!


When Friends of the Priory of Sion set fire to his school, principal Greg Ryan was determined to discover the truth. One man was to die before all the facts came out.

Greg would stumble upon a dark secret that threatened

to destroy a powerful organization.


So… Is Christianity the biggest religious cover-up on this planet?


Was Jesus as “God” decided by a church-and-state vote to consolidate power in the 4th century?


Were some “secret books” left out of the Bible?


Did Leonardo da Vinci embed clues in his paintings that Jesus Christ married Mary Magdalene and had children?

Does Christianity suppress women?


And have you wondered? Why do Christians really observe Sunday – the day of the pagan sun god? Is there a colossal cover-up?


To put it bluntly, is Christianity a colossal hoax?


Greg Ryan would also find himself puzzling over some other intriguing secrets:


  • Has the Holy Grail been found at last?

  • What about the “royal blood” scandal?

  • Why did a housewife bake a book in the oven?

  • How did a cloud of water vapour wipe out a 22,000 strong mob of assassins?
  • What are the lost cities of Syria?

  • Who were the sinister Alexandrian Cult?

  • Books burned… their owners murdered - why? 

  • Are there 200,000 errors in the Bible?

  • How advanced is the Jesuit plot to destroy Protestant churches?


                   Sinister Infiltration Plot


Discover the most massive and deadly infiltration plot ever devised.


And some odd facts, on the side... Did you know:


*    That Plato taught that a cowardly man would be reincarnated as a woman?


*   That as early as 1500 BC, biblical writings said the earth was (a) suspended in space, (b) was spherical, and (c) turned on its axis?


*   That Patrick of Ireland was Scottish, not Irish?


*   That the original name for butterfly was flutterby?


*   That all the original 12 Christian apostles except one died violent deaths?


Then are you ready for this?


The Da Vinci Code Hoax

…and the secret that men will kill to protect.

The desperate and dirty propaganda war for your mind. Which information sources can you trust?





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