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I have visited the link. I intend to post that link prominently on
our website tonight before sleep calms my excitement. I cannot
tell you how awestricken I am. My mouth is literally hanging open
as I type these words. What an AMAZING web page! What
a depth of scholarship, with such uncharacteristic clarity of
expression and practicality of (well, how else can it be said)
merchandising! – Richard, broadcaster






I’m taking a look at your site. I had to smile when I saw your
marketing techniques, because it’s just what my new marketing
consultant is advising us to do

How is this approach working for you? What kind of feedback
have you been getting? What kind of offer did you do for Jeff
Rense’s show, and how effective was that in stimulating sales of
your books?

Am putting on thinking cap for this – takes me a day or so to
brainstorm - and there’s lots more of course to talk about among
your fact finding collection.  Laura






QUESTION: Jonathan, I am indeed very interested in some of
the “ancient facts” that you keep mentioning. Two things, however,
hold me back.

The first is that the articles you send / have on your website lack
any dating or means of verification
for someone like me who is
trying to seriously research ancient anomalies.

The second is the style of presentation which puts me to the mindset
of ‘advertising on steroids’, which I fail to see the need for, if what
you have to offer is as genuine as you say it is. 

Am I mistaken & you do really have something to offer?   Cheers
from Australia   - Bill



ANSWER: You've made a couple of interesting  points and I
and value your feedback.


You mentioned:


1. That the website/email articles lack any dating or

means of verification.


     Yes, that's absolutely true. Now, I 'm aware Bill that such

details are important to an in-depth researcher like yourself.

However, this is not true of the general population. From my

experience, I've found that unfortunately we are "fast food"

generation to whom you have to just introduce the bare facts


      No time for details - You have make it fast-moving, or you'll

lose their attention fast. That's a sad fact of the Internet. Those

who are really interested will make the effort to dig further, once

they know where to come.

      And that's where the book supplies it (including 27 pages at the

back crammed with notes, references and bibliography).


2.  The style of presentation (like, as you say,  advertising

on steroids’), which is hardly needed if the offer is genuine?


Again, unfortunately these masses of people need waking up.

And if I’m very casual, laid back, about these things, I will never

arouse their interest or help change their lives. Because they’ll

never ever suspect how important it is.


If I show no excitement, most folk will say, "Then it cannot

be so important, he's not even enthusiastic about it!" But if I

show them how excited it makes me, many others will also

catch the excitement - and I tell you that what I'm offering in

Dead Men's Secrets CAN and DOES really change folks' lives.

(Check out the testimonials.)


(Of course I know some will call it "hype" and not like it, but

I respect their opinion.)


I guess, Bill, the crunch is the statistics. In just 6 months

(according to Alexa) the rating of this website has risen

from the very bottom, to the top 3% of Internet sites. And

the conversion ratio of visitors to buyers is encouraging.


I have to confess to you Bill, I'm not an Internet guru. Actually,

this whole arena is new to me. Computer-wise, I'm fairly illiterate. 

So it's surprised me that some of the top sites on the web -

who've been around for years - are actually coming and asking

me how to do it. So, whatever, it seems we must be doing

something right.


Hang in there, my friend. And your comments were really





Hello haven’t ordered yet but plan too . I really appreciate your site,
it is in my top 5
. That is a great compliment to you if you knew how
many sites I study .  Dan Higgins


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