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Treat Yourself

To the taste of mystery and discovery

You have
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8 men have died…

A government walks a knife edge…

Evidence of the long lost shrine
of the Ten Commandments
has surfaced.

This startling book… video… and CD ROM
by Jonathan Gray are the result of four years
of intense investigation and privileged viewing
of evidence and artefacts.


Here is what others are saying:

The most remarkable book I’ve ever read.  My husband and I fight for the book constantly.    Wendy Hudson, NSW, Australia

  * * * * * * *                                                                                   

I have just read Ark of the Covenant.  You are on the right track and it is stirring up a hornet’s nest.    Court Judge, SA


* * * * * * *

If it is all true, this is the second greatest book ever written.  Keith Martyn, Radio-TV Commentator, South Australia

* * * * * * *  

I have read this book through three times.  That book is worth its weight in gold. Dr Allen Hall, Qld, Australia

* * * * * * *   

I have shown this to over a hundred people, and quite frankly, it’s overwhelming.  I have not met one person who is not moved by it.  I can’t think of anyone who would not be blown away by it.  Nova Pack, Attorney, Cal.

* * * * * * *                                                                                                 

I heard your book is causing a stir around the world.  Where can I get one?   Frederick Stanley, Ohio

* * * * * * *  

I read it through in one week.  Couldn’t put it down.  My husband interjected, ‘Why don’t you do the laundry?’ I replied, ‘It can wait a few days.’  He again asked, ‘When will you get lunch?’ I replied, ‘It can wait.’  In all my life, this is the best book I have ever read.”   June Boyle, New Zealand

* * * * * * *                                                                                         

It’s the best book I have ever read.    Jason Atkinson, Queensland

* * * * * * *                                                                                         

I am buying a whole case full.  So many people want it.   Melody Smith, U.K

* * * * * * *                                                                                         

You don’t have to get into that book, you dive right in.    Tom Tasker, Victoria

* * * * * * *                                                                                         

What a book!  Here’s a cheque for ten more.    Warren Bone, Vic   


* * * * * * *  

The standard has been set.  This is a world class product. I believe the book has the potential to change world events.  It presents well and weaves Phoenician and ancient history in to a magnificent and readable story and a powerful case.  It is indeed rare to find content demanding of world attention as this must.    Paul Teague, South Australia

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... the story that will change the destiny of millions. 


For 800 years this gold plated chest was THE MOST FABULOUS treasure
in the world
. It stood in the very heart of Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem.

Mysteriously it vanished…

The race to find the Ark...

One of history's most fascinating searches...

And then...

A team of amateur archaeologists shake the world with a major discovery
- under the noses of a shocked scientific world.

The most electrifying discovery of all time.

Why the

  • murder attempts,
  • official cover-ups, and
  • secret intrigue…?    All because of a gold-plated box?

Based on cutting-edge research and on-site excavation, this story is

  • well-documented,
  • easy to read,
  • fast-moving.  It will hold you spell-bound.


  • forgotten voyages,
  • astonishing prophecies and
  • secret tunnels.



And Search for Lost Treasures

  • Follow the search for the lost treasures of the Temple of Solomon

  • Since persons in the past died by touching the Ark of the Covenant,
    what would happen if you touched it today?

  • What is the truth about alleged discoveries of the Ark in Ethiopia
    and other countries?

  • Now explore secret tunnels under the streets of Jerusalem

  • Why are Israeli leaders jittery about the discovery of the Ark of the Covenant?

  • Why wasn’t the Ark found before this?

  • Does its discovery mean that Temple services will be reinstated?

  • Will the Ark soon be brought out of its hiding place? And could
    this really spark a holy war?

Ancient mysteries

  • Discover the truth about forgotten global voyages into the 
    remotest corners of the South Pacific

  • Did Phoenician mariners discover Australia, Samoa and Tahiti?

  • The seductive Jezebel, queen of witchcraft and child sacrifice…
    and her dramatic fate

  • What was the mysterious “stone” that could slice hard rocks
    without friction or heat?

  • Where was the legendary Ophir, that remote land of fabulous gold

  • Explore the mysteries of Zedekiah’s Cave, a vast cavern of 
    secrets under Jerusalem’s northern wall

  • Is a drowned Egyptian army really scattered across the
     floor of the Gulf of Aqaba?

  • Learn of a 3,000 year old Mayan book that recounts
    ancient American voyages to the Middle East

  • See the actual handwritten message of a Tyrian sailor,
    shipwrecked on the coast of Brazil 2,500 years ago

  • Your head will reel at the bizarre secret concealed under
    Skull Hill
    in Israel

  • And who were the mysterious Coromandel “Mist People”
    who fled from the New Zealand Maori?

The weird and bizarre

Did you know about the strange death curse  placed
on a prominent prime minister?

What is the secret of the analysed human blood sample 
that is like no other human blood on earth?

      • Learn why the United Nations had to negotiate for a
        false teeth

      • The clock that struck 13  thereby saving a man from

      • The strange story of the man who was hanged to save

      • How did remote Mexican and Red Indian tribes get
        customs identical to those of the ancient Hebrews? 

      • Learn of the boat-load of castaways who “captured”
        and England

      • And the woman who ate her own son for dinner

      • Hear about the British bishop who dropped dead because
        he said “No”

      • Learn of bizarre sacrifices still carried out in the Amazon



    Did you know that a man was identified by name, and
    his actions foretold, 100 years before he was born

    And that another man had his whole life story written
    down long before his birth?

    Discover prophecies 3,500 years old, that are coming to
    pass AT THIS MOMENT!

    Learn about a prophecy, uncanny in its fulfilment, that
    religious leaders tried desperately to suppress

        New World Order

            • What are the secret moves being made behind the New
              World Order, that will affect YOU?

        Want to see more TESTIMONIALS?: See them here

        (pages and pages of them)

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        1.   The book (hard copy)

        2.   The CD Rom

        3.   The video



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        ANSWER:  They are very DIFFERENT.  Each gives you EXTRA and
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        Here’s what reviewers say:

        ·        1.   The book “Ark of the Covenant” by Jonathan
        Gray focuses exclusively on the Ark of the Covenant. In his
        established tradition, Gray presents enormous depth of
        in a literary style that will have you turning the
         pages eagerly until the very end.

                   With its well chosen selection of photographs and illustrations,
                   combined with a “great read”, this book will find a special place
                   in your heart. 
        -  Aaron Sen, U.K.

        ·        2.   The CD Rom offers an altogether different
        experience. Crammed with images and over 1 hour of video
        segments, the CD Rom presents the full story of the discovery
        of the Ark of the Covenant as well as 4 other major
        archaeological discoveries:

        * Amazing new evidence of the legendary cities of Sodom and Gomorrah
        * The remains of Pharaoh's lost army - at the bottom of the Red Sea!
        * Remarkable footage of Mount Sinai - in Arabia
        * New evidence of Noah's Ark, believed to be in Turkey

                  Using a stunning 3D museum metaphor, this world class product
                  will keep you engrossed for hours at a time as you explore each
                 room full of exhibits.

        This is a huge collection of hundreds of photos and illustrations,
        over one hour of video, and screeds of texts – most of which has never
        been seen in the world.

        This fully interactive CD-Rom takes you to the Virtual Interpretive Center
        of the Ark of the Ten Commandments discoveries. Join an introductory
        tour or view the exhibits yourself. Try the Internet on-line conference for
        discussion and debate.
        – Graham Coates, Australia

        ·        3.   The Video 2 1/2 hours.

        A man dies…a government walks a knife edge… Evidence

        of the long lost shrine of the Ten Commandments has surfaced…

        Lost for 2,500 years… then the SEARCH. With movie footage

        never before seen in the world.

        This valuable video takes you through the Mount Sinai experience
        with the giving of The Ten Commandments, and follows the history
        of the Ark of the Covenant, and its disappearance. You will come on
        the search for this lost golden treasure. In this search, you are taken
        into mysterious underground tunnel systems
        , the Garden of
        Gethsemane, the crucifixion site and Jesus’ tomb  then eventually
        to a discovery chamber, deep under the earth. As a bonus, you will
        experience a high-tech simulated fly-over of objects inside the chamber. 

        In ancient times, why did men die if they touched this repository of
        The Ten Commandments?
        What would happen if you touched it today?


        A segment of this special report was filmed live in one of my seminars,
        but most of it was on site. It is worth a sheik’s ransom. But you get it as
        part of the package.


        Why is there political pressure to keep the discovery underground?
        Will the Ark play a role in coming events under the New World Order?

        This story is so POWERFUL, it has brought broken families together and even saved peoples lives!!! You can't imagine HOW POWERFUL THIS IS!

        Here’s what others are saying:

        I am currently waiting to be sentenced for a very bad crime.  Since committing it I was in a low that I thought was impossible to get out of.  I came across another inmate who has lent me the great book Ark of the Covenant.  Your writings in it are glorious.  I thank you, to be one privileged to have been able to read it. 

                                                                                                  Prisoner, Qld

        * * * * * * *

        After seeing your videos and reading your books, first and foremost Ark of the Covenant – our lives are not the same!  No-one has to tell us to please share this with someone else, for there is an inner prompting, compulsion to do so!

                                                                                               Derrek, Canada

        * * * * * * *

        Events are racing us toward the New World Order.  This I believe could explain the timing of the release of the book.  It is in my understanding, providential. I believe it is very significant.   Marie, World Watch, N.S.W.

        * * * * * * *

        This is one of the all-time best CD-ROMs I have ever seen, on this or any other subject. Bob Wells, U.S.A.

        * * * * * * *

        I can only say your Ark of the Covenant awed me speechless with excitement and wonder.     Geraldine, WA

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        With rising panic, Fatiaki fought his way for a gasp of air .
        “This is the end,” came the horrifying thought…

        No longer a mere legend – we were facing the curse of
        Hatana!    Kitiana’s startled warning came pounding back:
        “Oh no! You’re not going to take a camera, are you? You’ll never make it. You’ll never come back”…

        One of the most isolated places on earth is Rotuma –
        ISLAND OF TOMBSTONES. This remote speck on the
        world’s largest ocean was once home to a race of giants,
        whose large graves still dot the island.

        But Rotuma shielded a sinister secret, for which there
        was no scientific explanation. They called it THE CURSE
        OF HATANA. It would take a face to face encounter with
        the centuries-old curse to shatter my skepticism. 

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        TO SUM UP the most important  points...

        For 800 years this gold plated chest was the most

        precious object in the world. It stood in the heart of

        Solomon’s Temple.


        And the BIG things – like love and hate, life and death,

        attended its history.


        In fact, you may well ask, why was it that people dropped

        dead if they touched or looked into it? Did that Ark

        contain some special power, or was there some other



        And then in 586 BC came the soldiers of Babylon to

        destroy Jerusalem and burn the Temple. And the Ark

        mysteriously vanished.


        LOST FOR 2,500 YEARS… AND FOUND!


        We’re going on a search. You can come with us, if you

        like, under the streets of Jerusalem, into some secret



        And we ask IMPORTANT questions. Why is the Israeli

        government nervous about the discovery? And how on earth

        s it linked to the assassination of a Prime Minister?


        As you know, today the Israeli government walks a knife

        edge. On one hand it has a jittery peace process with the

        Arabs. On the other hand there are Israeli extremists who

        want to blow up the Arabs’ Dome of the Rock, the third

        holiest Moslem site, to build a third Jewish Temple. But

        now emerges a third explosive factor – the discovery of

        the Ark of the Covenant.


        Is a holy war coming?


        And next onto this scene marches the New World Order.

        Will the Ark play a role?


        Oh yes, and is it really true that your country and mine

        are being manipulated like puppets on strings, by a small

        group of powerful men with unlimited finance? Is it true

        that they are planning a new money system in which they

        will control YOUR bank account and mine?

        What will REALLY happen in the big cities when the economy collapses?

        What will be the political...economic...and religious effects ON YOUR PRIVATE LIFE???

        And what has this got to do with the Ark of the Covenant

        discovery? Is there a connection? Yes, there is a connection.




        * * * * * * * *


        Okay, I’ll let you in on a secret.
        This is no ordinary book.
        Archaeology? Yes. But would you

        believe, this has
        * mended broken marriages,
        * saved people
        from suicide,
        * changed hardened murderers who are still

          serving life sentences…


        How could an archaeology book do that?


        Here’s the testimony of South Australian Television
        personality Keith Martyn, who spent a whole week
        of one hour radio programs talking about this one
        book. Keith Martyn claimed:

        “This is the second greatest book ever written!” 

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