A ticking bomb:

“I’ll get that b…..! exclaimed Roland Brown. “He has wrecked my marriage.

 Roland Brown slammed his hand across the sink. Utensils smashed to the floor.  The robust, solidly-built engineer was shaking with rage and desperation.

 For five months his wife Angie had suffered painful marks around her genital area. A tumor had developed. But worse, she was no longer the woman he had married.

Back in August, Angie, a dental nurse at Thornton High School, and normally a happy, bubbling person, had started complaining of nausea. And she seemed to dread coming to bed. In fact, her whole personality had changed.

 She agreed to visit a psychiatrist, then a hypnotist. But neither she nor her husband were prepared for the shock…

 Under hypnotherapy Angie described having been abducted and raped by an alien. Whether the experience was real or not, this “rapist” was now controlling her.

* * * * * * *
Numerous polls (Gallup, Roper, PBS/Nova) claim that up to 20 million Americans have seen a UFO. And shockingly, more than 4 million even claim to have been physically abducted by “space beings”.

 The ET Epidemic

 In fact, investigators everywhere are coming right out and
calling this an epidemic.

Are governments really covering up hard core evidence of“other world” visitors? Or is there some other explanation? 

Even if 90 to 95 percent of sightings are mistakenly
identified, even if only 5 to 10 percent have any substance it seems evident that something mysterious, quite real and very serious is going on.

So, what are these UFOs, and where are their occupants from?

From other planets? …from inside the earth? …or where?  

An enraged engineer vows revenge. Under hypnosis,his wife
claims to have been abducted and sexually
abused by an extraterrestrial. Roland Brown will not rest until he gets answers.

Who are these aliens? Why did they  claim his wife Angie

belonged to them? What is their plan? How can he stop them?

Are aliens really visiting us? Did they really bring civilization toPlanet Earth?

And can you answer these:


*   What about CRASHED UFOs and

*   Why the hoaxes, lies and secrecy?

*   Who are the sinister Legion of Lucifer?

*   Are ETs linked to the occult?

*   What about Enki and the Sumeria


 Would you like to discover:


*   SEVEN FATEFUL WORDS predicted to doom the     



 Also learn about:


*   The visiting MESSENGERS appearing to people, and bringing  amazing power



And some peripheral topics to sink your teeth into:

·      What is the truth about the lost city of Atlantis?

·      How was Babylon – city of 1 million people and with sufficient food to last 20 years – captured without a fight?

·      Why did Alexander the Great scrape a ghost town into the sea?

And what about the 716 rythmically pulsating “electric  discs
(similar to computer discs) found in caves in the Bayan-Kara-Ula mountains of China?
·      How did a drowned Egyptian army get scattered across  the floor of the Red Sea?

·      Was God an astronaut?

·      What sinister link connects séance spirits with“space brothers”?

·      Roswell, USA: What about the report of a crashed flying Saucer and dead alien bodies?

·      Does it really take a mere minute to form a crop circle?

·      UFOs: Can they really change shape? Dematerialize?
Two merge into one?

·      Which group of people is exempt from alien abductions?

·      Is it possible to slip into another dimension of existence?

·      Discover a surprisingly different Bible codethat defies the world’s cleverest men!

·      How do alien entities use sex to control humans?

·      What causes crop circles?

·      Are there really reptilians?

·      Why are UFO aliens obsessed with the Bible?

·      What ancient prophecy overthrew Saddam Hussein’s

·      Oh yes, and did you know that the predictions of 25 top
proved 92 percent wrong?

·      Can we really communicate with the dead?

·      Do the Dead Sea Scrolls prove the Bible to be a collection of forged documents?

·      Who were the “sons of God” who married thedaughters of men"?

·      Are there really guardian angels?

·      Does an ancient document really contain coded information that no human could construct?

But first, let’s catch some of these fascinating surprises uncovered during my investigations: 

*   Did you know that World War II planes grounded in Greenland in 1942 got overgrown by 263 feet of ice in 48 years!

*   Or that the mighty city of Jericho covered less than 8 acres. You could easily walk around it in 30 minutes.

*   King Farouk, Egypt's last reigning monarch (1920-1965) was not Egyptian but Albanian.

*   Alien photos sold to TV stations by Swiss UFO “contactee” Billy Meier turned out to be small models suspended from strings.

*   The Horseshoe Falls of Niagara cut back 3.8 feet  further into the rock every year.

*   Encyclopaedia Brittanica editors sent an existing article to a history professor for possible revision. When he replied that it was “badly disorganized and full of errors”, they checked and were flabbergasted to discover that it had been written by the professor himself – so many years earlier that he had forgotten it.

*   Did you know that a tree can grow more than 2 rings a year? And the opposite sides of a tree can exhibit different numbers of rings.

*   The well-known battleship Oregon, flagship of the US navy, was designed by Scottish architect George Dickie from specifications for Noah’s Ark taken out of the ancient book of Genesis.

*   The burning of the famous library of Alexandria supplied the Arabs with fuel for 6 months.

*   The grieving mother of a US soldier reported “killed” in Vietnam attended a séance, where she and her dead son hugged, kissed and conversed lovingly. Some time later, she answered a knock on the door and there was her son, very much alive, rescued from the Viet Cong. So who was the impersonator at the séance who had resembled her lost son in every detail?

*   For centuries Massorite copyists of Hebrew Bible manuscripts were so fastidious that in order that not one letter or part of a letter be lost, they carefully calculated the middle word and letter of each book, as well as the number of times each letter of the alphabet occurred in each book.

*   A million Americans claim to have been subjected to bodily examination and even sexual assault aboard alien spacecraft.

*   The descendants of the ancient Egyptians (the Copts) are today outnumbered 23 to one by the Arabs, who rule Egypt.

*   Babylon’s public buildings were faced with bricks in different colors - walls yellow; gates sky blue; palaces rose red; temples white.

*   Although the Bible was written over 1,600 years by 40 different authors from widely different occupations and cultures, on varied, controversial subjects, yet they essentially agreed with each other – a phenomenon unparalleled in literature.

* Two accepted names of pharaohs have been found to be mistranslations – not pharaohs’ names at all, but merely curses aimed at intruders to the tomb!

* Modern Arabs, fulfilling an ancient prophecy, refuse to sleep overnight in Babylon.

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